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Recontracted a week ago - no change in billing

Enlightened One
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I recontracted using a link on MY ACCOUNT at £23.50 - Which incidentally is STILL there !

This was a week ago - yet, despite receiving an email confirming this - no change has been

made in BILLING - why not ?

This will save me £4.50 per month - because my call boost discount will still apply for 18 months



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Firstly, I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm a customer just like you so I can't see your account details but just from reading this thread it seems quite straightforward to me. i don't understand what is causing you confusion.


As far as I can see:

OCE Arne has now confirmed several times that he has amended your account to make the fibre speed boost free, so effectively it is included in your £23.50 package price, which is the deal you signed up to.

Clearly though, he was not able to action this in time before your most recent bill (the January one you posted earlier) was produced so it still showed a £2.50 charge for the speed boost. That is why he also raised a £2.50 credit on your account to cancel out the charge for that month. You confirmed yourself that the credit is showing in your transaction history.


Going forward, your monthly bill from now on will not have the extra speed boost charge added. (I'm guessing speed boost will be stated on your bill but lised as "free").


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"Because you originally had a half price discount on the boost making it £2.50 as per post 3 on this thread. "


Yes - but, since the boost is now included - the full £5 previously applied charge should now be removed - not just half of it !



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Right - so, you are saying that for the next 18 months

"Faster Fibre £23.50 (inc Speed boost)
Unlimited calls boost £7.50" - from your post # 31

should be £31 per month - which would satisfy me !

Why then is my latest bill £34.15 and that is with a £1.35 rebate from the previous month ?

Why can't TT get a bill correct and stick to it - without customers having to check and query everything ?


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Because you originally had a half price discount on the boost making it £2.50 as per post 3 on this thread. 


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What "added £2.50??"


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So how do you explain the added £2.50,? 


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Hi Weevie


I can confirm that you are not being charged for the speed boost.




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OCE Arne confirmed in post no. 36 that your broadband price is £23.50 inclusive of Speed Boost, what more is it you want?




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Yes - thats the inclusive price that I signed up for

£23.50 for 67Mbps fibre + £8.50 for phone package - all fixed for 18 months

TT are STILL trying to add another £2.50 for faster fibre


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That's the inclusive price you say you signed up for in your opening post!


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ok theres a £2.50 credit on my transaction history

but that doesn't help my question on why the on-going extra £2.50 charge for speed boost - which IS included in the £23.50 charge !

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Not sure what you mean by "future billing?" Have you checked your Transaction history for any credits?


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TT still have my future billing wrong

They STILL have an extra £2.50 for faster fibre speed boost

And also - no sign of the £2.50 goodwill payment

This is starting to get extremely tiresome !

Please can someone be sacked and please sort this mess out

see attachments

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The unlimited calls boost has now increased to £12 so your charge has risen to £9.50


Total price now is 


Faaster Fibre  -  £23.50 (including fibre speed boost)

Unlimited calls boost £9.50


Total £33




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@Weevie, you know a bill can't be altered once produced.  Check your transaction history to see if the credit makes up for the discrepancy. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Why then has my latest bill just been charged at £34.15 - allbeit with a massive £2.50 "goodwill bonus" ?

This doesn't add up.........

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Thanks Arne


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Hi @Weevie


The speed boost is now free as per the offer in your confirmation. I have placed a credit on the account for the charge this month. 


So your package is now 


Faster Fibre   £23.50 (inc Speed boost)
Unlimited calls boost £7.50


Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.