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Recovering money from Talk Talk

Chat Champion

Never have I come across a more incompetent company as this , have just found a direct debit to them for an engineers visit because they found nothing wrong with my line ............... NO internet for four  weeks  two visits from  their specialists ? and two from Bt . to sum it up some one from Bt had connected up my line to fibre broadband which some else had paid for and that took my internet out and now TALKTALK have just billed me £173.68 for an engineers visit when it was a cockup between  bt and talktalk . They are bloody useless especially when to cut costs they out source every thing to India to save money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chat Champion

Make sure that if you get a call out from one of their " engineers " that before they leave , you get in writing what they have done before they go , otherwise three months down the line you might get billed for something you should not of been charged for and then spend your valuable spare time , trying to get your money back .


Chat Champion

Well this is starting to get interesting Talktalk have pushd this up to their highest level , bring it on I say , oh and Ferguson stay off my posts  , you don't even work for the firm and have no technical experience .

Community Star

Read the community guidelines and don't spam the forums with your issue, not very technical really.

Chat Champion
this is the third reply you will have removed , dose not matter as I have kept copies.
Chat Champion

full refund given now and an apology from TT not spam then is it .