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Refund for 4 days without broadband and landline

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On the 10th June I was left without broadband and landline which lasted for 4 days, openreach were sent out and they corrected what was a disconnection on their side I was told by talk talk that I would be refunded the 4 days of loss of services however nothing has been refunded and my usual monthly payment for July has been taken

Can anyone look into this for me?


Thank you



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Oh right, well 2 of the days were weekend sat & sun

4 days of disruption and inconvenience I find it unfair that weekends are disregarded in that way.


Thanks for your reply and help

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Have you had a look at the article here About your auto compensation credit - TalkTalk Help & Support regarding compensation?


It says you should be compensated within 30 days of the fault being fixed so there's maybe time yet. Bear in mind that they will only count working days and compensation is only paid from the 3rd working day after the fault is reported.