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Refund of Compensation and Transaction History

Whizz Kid
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I have received compensation as a credit to my account but when I try to process a refund to my bank account the page just refreshes. Could you also confirm that they compensated me £200 to close my complaint 


Also I am unable to view my transaction history. 




TalkTalk BorkBork

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Seems they must have been working on it at the weekend. Everything seems to be working now. Many thanks.
TalkTalk BorkBork

Team Player
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Glad to here you received compensation, I am yet to receive any. I hope your bank transfer issue gets sorted soon.

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Hi W130SN


The My Account issue has been reported, and is being investigated as part of a wider incident. 


Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.

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Unfortunately they rejected my request for the compensation to be refunded to my bank account and have stated that it has to stay as a credit on my account. Seems ridiculous to me because if I cancel my service it will have to be refunded to me.


Anyway, could you please inform the team responsible for the My Account section of the website that the option to view my Transaction History is still not working.


Many thanks




TalkTalk BorkBork

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Thank you for your help and assistance @Arne-TalkTalk
TalkTalk BorkBork

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Hi W130SN


I have requested a refund should be be with you in 3-5 working days. 



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@Arne-TalkTalk , Yes please, I would appreciate if the credit amount is refunded to my bank account. Cheers
TalkTalk BorkBork

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Hi @W130SN


I will log this to our My Account team as a fault with the pages. .  


You were credited £200 , this has cleared your latest bill £32.69  leaving £167.31 as the credit amount, I can request a refund back to you if that is what you want. 


Hope that helps.

Whizz Kid
Message 10 of 12 still displays "Outage" still displays "request could not be processed at this time"

TalkTalk BorkBork

Whizz Kid
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Any update on the above?
The My Account Section seems to be having problems and not all options are functioning.
TalkTalk BorkBork