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Renewal - Not price I was quoted and signed up for

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My contract with Talktalk was due to end on 26th April, rang retentions yesterday 19th and agreed to renew for the Fibre 65 at £23.95, 18 mth. Went to check my account today and it shows the contract is for £26.27 a month.

This is not what I agreed to and I tried ringing today to ask why and no-one can answer as to why the price I agreed to and the one shown in my account are different.


Below my email confirmation:


Your new and improved package
You've now got
(including your discount)
·Fibre 65 - £23.95 a month.
·Fixed Price Plus
·A new 18 month contract applies.
Your discounts applied
·£60 Upgrade Setup Fee Welcome Credit
You've removed
One-off charges
·Upgrade Set-up Fee - £60.00



My new package as shown in my Talktalk account.


Package overview

Fibre 65

18 months
Current monthly package cost (excl. boosts and extras):
Contract end date:
20 Oct 2023

Support Team
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Hi Debyred


Thanks for your post, Sorry that you are unhappy.


I can see that the issue has now been rectified by customer services. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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Hi @Debyred your post has been escalated so you should get a resolution quickly.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.