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Renewal Offer - Amazon Echo Dot or Ring Camera

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This is a question to all people not receiving any email 37 days after renewal.

Did you take up the offer to pre pay for 12 months ?  I presume you did not see anything about it being a selectable option of Amazon gift or pre pay.

Like all of you I renewed but have not received any further email info.
I took up the offer to pre pay for 12 months. I did not see any negative reasons not to.
I did not see any mention about it being a choice of either the Amazon gift or the pre pay offer but I have no hard copy record and have to accept that I may have missed it. If I did miss it tho I think it must have been pretty small and not easily seen.
So I patiently waited the 37 days - no mails.
I contacted TalkTalk online chat (about 2/3 weeks ago) and the end result is I was told it was a choice of gift or pre pay. Like I said I have no proof of this so had to accept it was my mistake.
It was also beyond ( due to TalkTalks insistence on 37 days) the time available for me to changer my mind.


Anyway, like I said I have to accept that I may have missed it and I am OK with that - there is much more important things to do / worry about.


However if enough of us did not see it ( if indeed it was actually there) then maybe something can be done.


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Whizz Kid
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In answer to your question. You are not alone

I think TalkTalk are on the way out, times are a changing Fiber to the property is popping up everywhere