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Renewal woes and frustration

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Hi im coming to the end of my contract on the 3rd of Feb.

So i had a chat on Sunday Night from 9.30 to 10 pm ish on the online chat and was offered a nice renewal for a upgrade to the small fibre package and an offer of the UK calls Boost for half price (5.00) per month for a total of £31.50 a month.

I have assumed that this package had been set in motion bit did not recive an email notification.

So i contacted chat again last night, and they dont have any record of the deal, and even after a lot of back and forward they could not offer me this deal again which is very disappointing.

Is their anyway this can bve sorted or at least my online chat checked from Sunday Night so the deal can be honored and started.


Many Thanks


Sylvia Hallam




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Cheers for your advice, all sorted now and very happy with the service.

Removed the £4.00 tv charge as dont use any of that, and mentioned the £19.95 deal so got it all in all with the calls boost for £27.50 🙂


Cheers for you help



Whizz Kid
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They might have iadverdantly done you a favour.

Have you seen this deal-


Tell them its what you want, plus your calls boost. If they don't, tell them you want raise a complaint.