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Renewed contract but first bill shows different costs to what i agreed!

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In late November I made contact with talktalk regarding my contract and upgrading to faster fibre as part of the deal. The deal that was on offer via my account was faster fibre for £21.95 but when I got through to renewals I was only offered a deal at £23.50. The lady who i spoke to could not understand where i was getting this deal from and the conversation was very difficult due to her not fully understanding what I wanted. Nevertheless and agreement was reached for a new contract which would see my bill reducing from £58 to £38.50. Despite difficulties in communication she agreed that the cost for faster fibre would be £22.50 with another reduction in the super safe boost from £2 to £1. On receiving the first bill none of these reductions have been implemented on my new account. I know it's not much but it mounts up over the course of the contract. I would normally phone customer service but its getting harder to speak to someone who can understand!


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What way is this to run a company the size of talktalk. Surely your agents should have access to the offers shown either on the talktalk website or my account as I imagine this is how most people contact talktalk (telephone numbers I rang were numbers supplied by talktalk!). I dont really want to register a complaint as all I want is the pricing that was promised!

It is now more annoying as the latest batch of adverts on TV are promoting even faster broadband at 67mbs for £21.95 which is nearly double what I upgraded to (38mbs) at a cost which is less that what I pay (£23.50).


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I am in the same position as this OP

I applied for a £23.50 deal for faster fibre (saving me £4.00 with NO RECONTRACT FEE)  - that appeared on MY ACCOUNT - I even received confirmation that it had been accepted and was going through - but no change to my billing has been made !!

It appears that TT believe that they can make offers to all - yet only accept a select few (new customers ?)

This is WRONG - If an offer appears on MYACCOUNT - I like to think that TT should honour it.

And as for TT's call centre (based in PHILLIPINES and SOUTH AFRICA) - Sorry, but I have never had a sucessful on-line session with them !

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Online deals and what retention's agents can offer can be different, The agent over the phone may not have had access to that promotion.  


I dont have access to call recordings, so if you feel that you have been mis-sold I would have to advise you to follow our complaints procedure


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


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Please see attachment which confirms what was on offer at the time I renewed and links to my previous response.


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Thanks for the response however it still not take into account the reductions I agreed with your representative. The super safe boost should be £1 and the faster fibre £22.50. If you can get access to the telephone conversation so will be able to check what was agreed and that my monthly fee should be £38.50. Before ending conversation this was the figure agreed with your representative.

In addition can you advise why I was not offered the £21.95 deal for faster fibre was not offered to me even though it was clearly advertised under "my account".

If you can get access to the telephone conversation I should say it's a long discussion as the lady I spoke to kept going somewhere (i assume to a supervisor) to get advice and you may wish to skip to the last 5 minutes.


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Your first bill after renewal is sometimes higher than expected your standard plan is as follows


Faster Fibre =  £23.50
Unlimted calls  = £6  (half price discount)
Supersafe = £1.50  (half price discount)

TV = £4 

Entertainment Boost = £6 (half price discount)


Total £41 per month


This bill is higher due to the Mulitroom setup fee being applied this month. So the discounts have been applied as per your agreement. 


Hope that helps.



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Hi @Helen541


Thanks for your post. 


I will look into this for you and get back to you.