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Request a refund

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I've moved to another broadband supplier. My account is in credit. How do I get a refund? There is nothing in the Bill Summary section of My Account. Live Chat isn't working. TalkTalk should be refunding a credit automatically in these situations. Not making people jump through hoops. It's less than a pound, but I want it. They'd be quick enough to charge me if it was the other way around. All those lost credit sums that people can't be bothered to pursue must add up over time.


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Everything has been settled now. Thanks for the helpful responses.

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Hi Gordon31,


Have you managed to request a refund?




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Make sure you have pop-ups enabled, or try a different browser. 

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My Direct Debit is still active, but the section that their FAQ says to claim a refund from is blank. I can see entries in other sections of the site. In my opinion, they should automatically have to return any credit. I find this situation to be frankly ridiculous. It will deter me from returning to TalkTalk in the future. They lost a customer of many years after increasing prices six weeks before the end of my contract. It's a trivial amount of money, but it's the principle of the thing. They had promised that prices wouldn't rise during my contract period, then went back on it.

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Talktalk keeps My Account available for you after you leave, and if you have left your Direct Debit details in place, you should be able to claim this back easily. Otherwise you can claim it as a cheque, @Gordon31.


Chat is available after 9am from this page:


Staff will not be back before Monday on the forum. 


If you need further help from them, please complete your community forum profile details for them to identify your account. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard.


It's essential that you add your Talktalk landline number in there. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.