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Request to return YouView box

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I've just received a 'reminder' to return my YouView Box with the threat of being charged if I don't. No explanation is offered as to why. Firstly, I haven't received anything previously requesting I return the box, so it seems somewhat disingenuous to refer to the correspondence as a 'reminder'.


Secondly, I'm not sure why I'm being asked to return it in the first place as I'm still a TalkTalk customer and the letter offers no explanation. I can see other threads indicating others have had similar issues, including when they have upgraded. I have just upgraded to Fibre 35 so I trust this charge will not be applied.


Furthermore the website is clearly designed to make it as difficult as possible to raise this issue and get a response. I have resorted to posting here because I cannot find a telephone number or email. I also could not use the chat facility because apparently TalkTalk's operatives are serving other customers. Not helpful.


I would like a confirmation from an OCE that I will not be charged unfairly. If I don't receive a satisfactory response I will be raising a formal complaint.


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Hi @daveholland87


It looks like the notification was sent automatically in January before you renewed in February. You can ignore any communications you will not be charged. 


Sorry for any confusion caused. 


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@Gliwmaeden2, thank you for your reply and for the details for contacting customer support. Now I've raised it here, I will wait a few days to give the staff an opportunity to reply here first.

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Staff reply Monday to Friday, @daveholland87, so it could be the middle of next week before you get a response through the forum. 


The phone number is 03451 720046, after 9am Saturday (not Sunday).


Chat is available every day but often busy. You need to refresh the page to catch it when it becomes available. 


Scroll down on this page for the link to Chat and advertised opening hours:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.