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Sent a letter to start change of ownership, receive a letter saying my service will be shut down

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Hi, this is extremely frustrating and stressful and would really appreciate some help with the matter:


I started a change of ownership process by sending a letter to TalkTalk 3 weeks ago if not more. I still have yet to receive any communication on my name about account switch, my login details, confirmation of billing etc. The only thing I saw is that TalkTalk have done a credit check search on me, so clearly they have done something to get the process started.


Earlier this week I received a letter addressed to previous tenant which was basically confirmation of cancellation of the account and that the previous tenant owes TalkTalk money, and that the service will be cut off on 21st. Now, the problem is that I'm still here using the service (even right now as I type this message I'm doing so using the broadband) and I have not receive a single piece of communication from TalkTalk regarding myself and change of account. I would have expected to receive a welcome letter or anything of sorts by this point, instead all I got told is that previous tenant owes TalkTalk money and I can kiss goodbye to the internet that I started a change of ownership on? Why am I getting punished for this? The previous tenant was leaving, I needed internet at my place ASAP as I work remotely and I agreed to do a change of ownership. Now the previous tenant is gone and they are hard to reach and I'm getting punished.


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Hi  RocketRacer


Sorry that you are having problems. 


Its an unfortunate situation that you have found yourself in, as the previous tenant closed his direct debit before paying the outstanding balance, we cant process a change of ownership  with an outstanding balance on the account, we also received a cancel request on the 5 September which will complete on the 21st. 


Only the named account holder can stop it and as they are unreachable we have no choice but to allow it to complete. 


We can only advise that once the service is cancelled that you setup your own account via our sales team 


Apologies for any inconvenience that this will cause,


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@RocketRacer From your point of view this is a bit of  a mess. From what you said initially the previous tenant gave TalkTalk notice of cancellation and you have seen a letter addressed to that person confirming this and advising of outstanding charges. This cannot be reversed without the account holders permission, nor can you instigate a change of ownership as @Gliwmaeden2 has already advised. 


Whether you can order a service from TalkTalk in your own name in these circumstances I really don't know. Perhaps that is the best way forward if you can get hold of a customer services agent who understands the situation when you explain it to them?


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Enable pop ups, disable ad blockers for Chat. It should be possible to speak to them just to enquire etc, @RocketRacer.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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So I tried contacting support but they said as I don't have a password for the account they cannot tell me what is going on. And since the previous tenant is unreachable, there is no way I can find out what is the progress of change of ownership and I don't think I can get assistance with the broadband getting cut off on Monday... I'm at a complete loss now and I feel like I can't get any assistance with this.


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Change of ownership letter included details about new direct debit setup that I filled up so that should be fine. One thing - I don't think I can access the Live Chat function as I don't have a TalkTalk account yet, so I'd have to call and last time I called the customer support weren't that helpful... but I will try again soon.


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It will need to be set up with your own Direct Debit details etc, @RocketRacer.


As I say, contact by phone/ Chat directly to move forward with this, as I doubt staff will reach this on here before Monday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thanks for your reply. The problem is that reaching out to the previous tenant is nigh impossible - they're not responding. I think they have left the country when they moved out. By me sending the form I meant to say that we both have filled in the form from their point of view (they as an account holder are switching their account to my possession) but I was the one who physically went to post office and mailed it. My bad! However I didn't know that I also had to send a form as it wasn't written anywhere when me and previous tenant (while they were still here) looked at the process of switching...


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@RocketRacer, this sounds all the wrong way around.


The previous tenant, as the account holder, should have instigated the change of ownership. 


I don't think it can be done the other way around. The previous tenant should have gone on here / used Chat / phoned up to get a form sent out to the account holder which both you and the account holder would have to complete, sign, and return by post.


It's unlikely that you will hear from staff on here before Monday. 


If you add the landline phone number to your profile details it may help, but as you are not the named account holder (yet) you may be required to pass further checks etc. Go via your avatar/name; settings; Launch Profile Wizard. 


Phone help can be reached (not Sunday) today till 7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm:


03451 720046


Chat can be reached any day after 9am. Full details of opening hours and the link for Chat Now are to be found on this page:


If the previous tenant has notified Talktalk of their leaving independently of you, it always takes a month or two to get to a final bill, so the fact that the letter arrived confirming a cut off date and a bill would be routine.


Talktalk always bills a month in advance, so that would need to be paid as usual and then any excess is notified on the subsequent bill. The previous account holder can then reclaim any excess as a refund through their My Account. 


If the previous tenant is closing the account ahead of the end of the contract, early termination fees would apply.


This scenario should be happening only if you have NOT BOTH FILLED IN THE CORRECT FORMS.


You should not be reading mail addressed to the previous tenant, in their absence.


It is essential that you communicate with the previous tenant and contact Talktalk asap.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.