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So what now?

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Well, it happened, I just knew it would.

  • I  was on the Fibre65 18 month fixed monthly price plan that turned out not to be a fixed monthly price plan.
  • Less than 6 months into the plan, TalkTalk decide to increase the monthly charge by a considerable %
  • I immediately decide that I will not continue to support such sharp practice, look around to see what the competition was doing and sign up with SSE Broadband
  • Get a letter from TalkTalk a few days later - "Sorry to see you go etc.." about receiving my intention to terminate my account with them from another supplier and indicating that early termination charges of around £130 will apply
  • I get on to TalkTalk and just under 20 minutes later after going around the loop with "let me see what I can do for you", "we didn't do this lightly", "everyone else is doing it", "you don't really want the hassle of an engineer calling", geezer finally accepts that I really do want to cancel, will never be a customer of TalkTalk again and passes me along the chain.
  • Another 25 minutes or so of chat with TalkTalk clone #2 (after having to go through security for the 3rd time), finally agreeing that as I had informed them of my intention to cancel within 30 days of TalkTalks' notice of price increase, early termination charges would not apply and a note would be made on my account to that effect and of this conversation.
  • 3 weeks or so later SSE broadband is switched over and running fine.
    Just picked up my e-mails to find advanced notice of TalkTalk final bill including, you guessed it, early termination charges less a small amount I was in credit for due to monthly payment in advance situation.

Fortunately, I sort of expected such behaviour and cancelled the direct debit at the bank - as I was adamant that I was better for them chase me for payment as opposed to me having the hassle of trying to get it back from them - no doubt not actually managing to do so without getting the regulator involved.  There is of course always the danger of them going under in the meantime. 


I've not been in this situation before (stopping a direct debit), so what can I expect now?


Is there an e-mail address I can use to write and tell them of their error, and to stop wasting their and my time?


I've looked around the website and my online account site, but it seems that they are reluctant to provide contact e-mail addresses - they seem to want to do everything by phone, but I'm reluctant to go that route because a) it's so long winded, b) given my previous experience doesn't seem to work, c) would prefer a written record of my case - and ideally there response.


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Thank you for the update, I will pass on the feedback you have given. 


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Thought I'd update this situation for completeness.  For balance,  I have to say that once the behind the scenes staff here / online chat people became involved my situation was resolved promptly and without fuss.  They accepted they had applied the early termination charge in error and issued a credit immediately.


It's my opinion that TalkTalk overall is still a crap company, however.  They put up prices within a fixed price contract term (whatever the circumstances, that is either breech of contract or highly misleading advertising) which shows they are not to be trusted.  They then tried to levy early termination charges, backed down when I informed them that they couldn't and then a short time after went ahead and issued a final bill including those charges anyway.


It indicates that the internal systems are a shambles - seemingly setup to always favour TalkTalk and requiring the consumer to waste time and energy in pursuing them for recompense.


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Hi @UnhappyPunter


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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Thanks for all your replies.


I understand your point about stopping the direct debit but I didn't feel I had much choice.  I'm living hand to mouth at the moment and that £130 would take me into (unauthorised) overdraft territory with all the add-on implications of that until I could arm wrestle my money back from TalkTalk - if ever.


I'm still no further forward.  Didn't get a chance to call on Saturday and after calling and completing initial access info was told they were closed.  This morning I tried to call them first thing, to be told that a service centre is down and calls were taking at least 30 minutes to get through.  Really don't have time for that.


I thought I'd try the online chat facility that some people have suggested but cannot find how to access this.  Signed into my account, but cannot see any "chat" type function or button.  This online account has never been right as, after loggin in, I can see the header info but if I click on bills or anything, nothing happens.  I have tried sorting this in the past by disabling all my usual security settings ('though I resented having to even contemplate doing this) but nothing solved it.  Anyway, that's a separate problem. 


I really hate having to run around after large intransigent, inefficient, corporate  dodo's to sort out problems of their own creation:  They decided to raise their prices within one of their own fixed price contracts.  I decided to take my business elsewhere, giving them the required notice of this within 30 days.  Despite this, they sent a communication saying I'm liable for early termination charges.  I contacted them again immediately and they agree that they have made a mistake and the charges are not applicable but subsequently decide to continue with them and present their final bill with them included anyway.


What an absolute shower of a company. 

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They've been working through various categories of customer since March, @Beany2.


They can do this because Ofcom allows them the practice of making changes for the business, as long as affected customers are permitted to leave within 30 days of a notification. 


Talktalk absolutely has to refund you anything they owe you, and waive those early termination fees.


However it is never a good idea to stop the Direct Debit until you have actually received a final bill for £0.00, after everything has been sorted out.


Check the Ts&Cs (linked at the foot of the page) clause 16, for the small print.


@UnhappyPunter, it's best if you ring to sort this out asap: 03451 720046


9am  - 6pm Saturday. Closed Sunday. 


If you're still needing help after that, post back on here for staff to know that this still needs looking into when they pick up your thread next week. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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My contract is same, how can TT increase prices on a fixed price contract? I'm not happy at all 😠

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@UnhappyPunter wrote:

I sort of expected such behaviour and cancelled the direct debit at the bank - as I was adamant that I was better for them chase me for payment as opposed to me having the hassle of trying to get it back from them



Cancelling the Direct Debit is generally a bad idea. It will prevent them from taking the payment in the short term but could land you in more trouble in the log term.


You say you don't want to phone but I think phoning the loyalty team again would be the best bet as they are the ones who deal with cancellations. It should be fairly straightforward, just say "Loyalty Team" when prompted to state the reason for your call to get through to them. Current opening hours are here: Our update on Coronavirus - TalkTalk Help & Support


If you would like TalkTalk staff to help, it's best to make sure your forum profile is updated with your personal details and your TalkTalk landline number in order that they are able to access your account (don't post personal details on the thread though). Also, bear in mind that support on this forum is not "real time" and staff generally don't work weekends either so it may take a few days to get a reply.