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Still being billed for a previous package

First Timer
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I used to have the TalkTalk Fibre 65 service. However, I moved to the TalkTalk Future Fibre 500 package on the 14th June 2021.

My deal on the Future Fibre 500 includes the first 3 months free-of-charge.

I am unfortunately still receiving bills for the old Fibre 65 package, despite the fact that the copper cable which used to supply this service is now disconnected.

I have now received 2 separate bills for the old Fibre 65 service - one issued on 15th June and one issued 15th July. Total outstanding balance now at £50.92

Can you please ensure that these bills are cancelled, the outstanding balance is cleared and that my service on the Fibre 65 service is cancelled.

Going forward, I should only be linked to my new Future Fibre 500 package, with the appropriate bills for this.



Support Team
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Hi GreenHill


Sorry that you are having problems.


The best way to resolve this would be to speak to the future fibre team, you should have a contact number on the welcome pack, they will need to close down the old account. Once its closed down we can refund any overcharges.




Community Star
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Please ensure that you add your landline number to your community forum profile details (still relevant for your Fibre65 account) for Talktalk staff to identify that account, @GreenHill.


Please go via your avatar/name; settings; launch Profile Wizard. 


Please look out for a response from staff Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.