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Still being charged

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I upgraded to Future Fibre (after initial installation problems, compensation was promised by TalkTalk) and was sent an email that it was now LIVE, which it was and is working fine. I then started to receive account past due emails. After logging on to see what was going on, as I have Direct Debit set up, I could see nothing wrong except that it was still on my old Fibre 35 plan. I figured it would clear up after TalkTalk switched my account over to FF. I received another email saying my service would be shut off if I didn't pay so I rang up TT. The agent said I needed to make a manual payment to keep my service on. I explained about the Direct Debit and she said it was a problem with my bank. I checked with my bank and, no, the DD is still active.  I just received another bill for Fibre 35 with another month's charges included! What do I do? I need billing on the Fibre 35 plan stopped and Future Fibre started and for my online account to reflect that as well as accurate charges. I hope someone can help me. Thank you


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Hi tomlwatson,


Really sorry to hear you're still being billed for your old plan


Have you spoken to our Future Fibre Team to see if the new plan is in place?