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Such a Pity...

Team Player
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Firstly, this community support is excellent.  I have been with TalkTalk since about 2006 right back to under the old Tiscali brand and this route to support has been brilliant every time I have used it.


Unfortunately TalkTalk's sales folks let the side down and defy logic.  I am at the end of my most recent 18 month contract, my latest bill has increased by 50% and so I asked them for a renewal quote.


I have always found TalkTalk to be really flexible in the past, but unfortunately not this time.  It is currently January and there are plenty of offers available in the home broadband market.  Notably, Sky's "Now" brand are offering an exceptional deal for the equivalent of TalkTalk's Fibre65 with free anytime UK calls for £20/month for 12 months on a 12 month contract.  The TalkTalk sales and retention teams simply didn't listen when I told them this.  They just kept reiterating the same standard deal which doesn't come close in price.


In the past, TalkTalk would have matched it or at least endeavoured to come close.


Without any particularly compelling reason to stay with TalkTalk for the hugely greater cost, unfortunately I will now leave TalkTalk and give Now a try.


Such a pity, as the TalkTalk service has generally been great over all those years!


Support Team
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Hi EdHodson


Sorry that you have decided to leave us after so long. 





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I just tried to renegotiate faster fibre ( now called fibre 35).  I proffered Vodafones superfast 1 as a comparable for £19 p/m plus a £100 voucher, as against £23.95 for fibre 35.  Absolutely no movement from talktalk. It was take it or leave it.


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I hope all goes well with NOW. You will find their community full of advice, but no support whatsoever. Good luck.