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Surprise and Sign In

Ian Moone
First Timer
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Received email that I was, "ready to go" at 12.38 on Thursday 03-06-2021

On Fibre 65 contract at £25-pcm and made two phone calls since signing up, £0.63 and £0.63.

Received first payment request after seven days at 10.31 on Wednesday 09-06-2021 for £35.32


Surprised, decided best to check and needed to use Email Address and Password to Sign In.


Sign In.

Not entirely sure how/why I somehow then needed to Sign In again. This time I was asked for my 'User Name' and my Password, my Email was not acceptable as User Name the second time.

Never experienced that before, anywhere.


No doubt the fault is mine, perhaps I am just not up to date.


Just like I have found that if I try to copy paste anything from this site, because it is useful and I do not want to forget anything, I cannot as copy/paste does not work.

I have had to Screen-Shot everything.


Also, there is no Online Chat, neither is there any Email Contact Address.

It also appears that 'Hard Copy' is not available from TalkTalk as they will try to answer any letter by a return telephone call.


Under normal circumstances I would never deal with anyone unwilling to provide Hard Copy.


All this has been an eye opener, however the service especially the WiFi (boosted) has proven excellent so far.


Perhaps I just need to take great care, screen-shot everything and hope all goes well.


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@Ian Moone , if you do still want further help, you should update your forum profile as previously advised in order that staff can look into your account details.


Support Team
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Hi @Ian Moone


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community. Sorry that you are having problems.


If you would like us to look into this, please can you update your community profile to include your home telephone number, we will then be able to have a look at your  account.

To do this go into 'my settings' then 'personal information' then add your details.




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@Ian Moone wrote:

On Fibre 65 contract at £25-pcm and made two phone calls since signing up, £0.63 and £0.63.

Received first payment request after seven days at 10.31 on Wednesday 09-06-2021 for £35.32


If you're querying your first bill amount bear in mind that TalkTalk bill one month in advance from the billing date each month. Your first bill will be a bit higher because as well as the regular monthly charge there will be a part month amount to cover the few days from when your service started up to when the first bill was produced. Going forward you should just be billed one month each time. I hope that makes sense.




@Ian Moone wrote:


Also, there is no Online Chat,

There is.

The link to live chat as well as current phone (0345 172 0046) and chat support opening hours is here: Our update on Coronavirus - TalkTalk Help & Support 



Community Star
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I am not sure what your issue is to be honest, is it setting up My Account? Also, calls to TalkTalk helplines are free from your landline, which number have you been calling?


If you would like the support team here to look into this for you it will help if you make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk landline number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond.