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Talk Talk transparency of deals problem

Whizz Kid
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So I get an email telling me my pricing is going up all of £2.37 which isn't much to most people but in the current climate we are in, I think crap it must be across the board. So I check the deals and currently there's a massively cheap deal going on Vodafone for £18. But the hassle of changing providers always puts me off when I rely in it so heavily.

So I check the offers section of the system, and I see the offer of £27 for 18 months fixed pricing and realise this only £1 more then my current offer and comes with a free amazon dot and plugs so I think ah I'm being rewarded for being a long time customer and take the deal. ( I swear a new router was included also)
I don't get an email confirming nothing, so I assume it's because it's part of the internal system. I take no screenshots of the deal and move on. 
Two months of payments, one a little higher then normal, so I assume it's the usual transition payment that talk talk takes before contracts. 

I wonder where my 'gifts' are and chase up with talk talk support on Twitter.
To which I'm told I'm not on that package and I took an offer for Free calls package and 18 month contract. ( I haven't used my house phone in over 2 years)

Why is there a complete lack of transparency with deals, why have I not received an email to that effect or a notice on my account to the specific deal I took.

I wouldn't of took the deal and to make things worse It's now £24.45 to sign-up to the same package. The 64mb which I can't even use as my lines only 30meg down max.
So it's £23.45.
Stuck on a £27 package with no benefits to me, double the bandwidth I can't use no new router, no gifts. Fuming. Won't be signing up to talk talk again once this package elapses.

Will also follow up with ombudsman around transparency regarding selected deals and informing clients directly via email.


I'm appalled and frustrated.



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Hi @Limpingadam


I can help with this I first need to confirm some security questions


I have sent you a PM on the community




Community Star
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In my experience new contracts are confirmed by email and reflected in My Account within a day or two. If that didn't happen I would be concerned and raise it accordingly. 


Can you just clarify: was the offer you took available in My Account; or did you receive it by email?


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Do you normally chase down suppliers for Gratis items regarding contract arrangements within a short period of time. Have another freebie coming up with another supplier in regardess to mobiles should I email them at 12:01 am if they don't fulfill there promise?

No mention of the practice of not emailing clients new contract arrangements so that said client can call the supplier out if they don't fulfill. No you fixated on the timeframe of my complaint, why does that matter to one man and his dog?

You mean the normal top end, shows Fibre 65 and mobile (which I was told it's phone package).

I mean heavens above that these things can actually be incorrect or something is beyond the reproach of talk talk.

I mean it's not like theres deal sites out there with the deal on at slightly differing prices.

50p to be exact. Talktalk have done it in the past where they have offered me a deal, deal wasn't correct and then adjusted.

Why would I take the 24 month contract for something I can get for 18 month at the time.

Let's not even get onto the current price of things, after they said they were rising it again. I'm happy to stick to a contract but let's not act as though talktalk care about existing clients.


Community Star
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This is going to be tricky without any evidence of the deal you say you made. What does the package detail say on My Account? I don't really understand why you have waited so long to raise this. Nevertheless the support team will do their best to investigate when they are back online from tomorrow.