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Talk talk Incapable of upgrading service - or any customer service at all...

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Asked to upgrade to to faster fibre on the 11th January. Guess what - it still hasn't happened. My go live date was 29th January, all I get is text messages telling me 'there is a problem with my upgrade' Wow! really? I'd never have guessed. They've phoned me twice to tell me there's a problem as well - just in case I wasn't sure emoticon.quiet.title At no stage have they explained what the issue is or what they're doing about it.

Just to top it off they failed to take my direct debit payment last month, and say I'm going to be charged a late payment for THEIR mistake. DD has been from the same unchanged bank account since I was with Pipex. Then on my last waste of 30 mins phone call I was told they're going to have to charge me more for my next bill because my account is in some weird frozen state where they've removed some discount I had. Apparently I shouldn't worry because they'll refund me once it's all sorted (March 2021 maybe?) Why not just not charge me extra in the first place?


Just to be clear - 'Customer Service' actually refers to solving customer's problems', not just continually telling them there is a problem. (Where's the forehead slap emoticon when you need it...)


Where's my MAC code so I can leave this useless shower?


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Hi steveman


Sorry that you are unhappy.  


I will ask our provisioning team whats going on with this, I suspect that because you are still on an old BT line (called MPF) there has become an issue moving your line to an unbundled state,I will ask them for more detail.


I will let you know when they reply. 




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Just shows how long I've been with Pipex / Talk Talk!


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MAC code, now there's a b;ast from the past !

You can move providers with just an order request these days.