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I find it ridiculous that you cannot now use TalkTalk's own email extension as your TalkTalk billing email address, & I now have to use a third party party email address & postbox like just to get your billing email redirected to my original email address & postbox.


TalkTalk says that this is a new security measure, but I would have to disagree considering that instead of my  billing email coming straight to my own mailbox, it now gets bounced around the net first to a third party postbox I have little control over.


However, if I now try & use the extension for my billing email address ( which I had used for years previously ), I promtly get a emails & letters from TalkTalk saying that I now cant use an email with a for my billing address, as it's no longer allowed, & if I continue to to so I will be sent paper bills & charged £2 a month for it.


I have never hear of any other internet provider that asks you to do things this way as one email address is usually all you need, & i've also since lernt that TalkTalk are now asking customers to do things this way because of a security bug that they created & cannot now fix but are as I say, now trying to pass it off as a new added security measure lol.


Well it is not an added security measure, its an added security risk TalkTalk , & one you created because you cant sort your own bugs, & I for one don't like the complications & security risks of having to have 2 separate email address just to be able to get my bills, & it bothers me intensely, to the point that I'm now  considering leaving TalkTalk to join an internet provider that does things properly & only requires you to have 1 email address for all correspondence.