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TalkTalk TV billing issue

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Sorry for the long post. I have just been on a chat with a Talk Talk advisor. The story is I have only just noticed on bills I have been paying a £4 charge for TalkTalk TV, a service I have never used and i have never had a TV Box. The advisor said:

"Upon looking into your account I can see that the Talk Talk tv subscription was included in your contract as it was part of your Faster Fibre package , however it was free for 24 months (as you were in a 24 months contract) , however your contract ended on 07/11/2021 , and as your contract has ended it is now out of commitment , meaning that your package has reverted back to it's original standard price , including your Talk Talk tv subscription , as it now £4.00 ."


However I pointed out that the charge was on all  the online bills I had access to going back over 12 months. to which they said:

"We're currently viewing all your previous bills on our end as well and we can confirm that the
only time where the Talk Talk tv subscription £4.00 charge is showing is on your latest bill which is
correct , because your contract has ended (this months)so all discounts have expired and you're now being charged £4.00 for tv . However as you've mentioned that you do not use this service , we'll be able to remove it from your package and also remove the charge."


I attached a screenshot showing the bill i was looking at and the £4 charge. I also said I had never had any TV boost showing on my account dashboard. They acknowledged the TV boost was not showing on my dashboard but then went on to say there as an email sent in January 2019 about the £4 charge. My broadband then started dropping out (never had any issues previously) and I wasn't able to continue having any meaningful conversation or check back in my emails so eventually the chat was ended by the advisor.


Coincidentally the broadband issues mysteriously stopped as soon as the chat finished.


I have checked back through the emails and the initial email when Faster Fibre was activated only states "Plus you can rent the latest movies from your TV Box, online or through the TalkTalk TV app". No mention of any TV package. The  billing email i received in January mentions that TV packages would become subject to a £4 charge , but as far as I was concerned I never had a TV package (as confirmed by my account dashboard) so ignored it.


I feel the chat advisor has been rather disingenuous and flippant and I have been overcharged since this charge was applied and should be refunded, but what can I do about it?


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Ok so I was sent 3 text messages (1 on Thursday and 2 yesterday) with the date and time range when i would receive a call regarding this but no one called me.. 😞


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Not yet. Due to get a call this evening.


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Thanks for your replies. I never raised a formal complaint, although i got a text message afterwards saying someone would call me about my complaint. The only thing I did was give a low rating after the chat, so maybe this automatically kicked-off the complaint process?


I have been with TalkTalk sine June 2016 and started out on the normal ADSL broadband with landline calls package, I've never ever had a TV package. The option to switch to fibre came by email part way through my ADSL contract when the local cabinet was upgraded.. I don't recall any mention of TV package included. I renewed through the email, the welcome email on connection never mentioned a TV package and my account dashboard never mentioned a TV package. I did receive some emails about TV packages adding a £4 charge, but checked my dashboard and assumed it was a general email and didn't affect me - I had no reason to suspect it would!

Ok, I should have checked my bill in detail but looking at an e-bill on my account a phone I never spotted anything and with phone charges increasing I didn't spot the creep in charges and I never had any problems with billing previous to this.


Support Team
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Hi kp5tr


Sorry that you are unhappy.  


I can see that you have since raised formal complaint, because of this, we cant interfere on the community. 


A manager will call you back to discuss this further. 


I hope you get the resolution you want. 




Community Star
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Check in the details of those bills, @kp5tr, as it may show elsewhere in these as cancelled out.


What was the total amount you were paying each month while in contract?


The £4.00 charge was introduced in early 2019, and many of us never had a notification about it. If you were not browsing much on here, you might have missed the fact that even some people who don't even own a telly had to opt out of it to avoid it.


Unfortunately, any renewals via one-click emails or My Account automatically include it again. 


The best way to renew is to phone the LOYALTY team on 03451 720046 or use Chat, and check rigorously for hidden extras.


You are notified every month of the bill ahead of your pending Direct Debit and are expected to check the amount. I very much doubt that it can be "corrected" retrospectively. These things need to be picked up in the first few weeks of a new contract, when you should always check that everything has been set up as you expected. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.