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TalkTalk admin are a shambles (Cant even organise return of my router after I cancelled service)

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I changed my account from talktalk to talktalk business at the end of march this year and at the time I was asked to return the old router (stating that TalkTalk would send me a returns package and labels etc so I could return my router)...which never arrived.

To date the router is still with me and I have been receiving final demands from TalkTalk to pay the £50 non return fee for the router despite on 2 occasions calling the helpline (and almost losing the will to live because of the delay in getting to speak to a service rep)  and explaining that I was still waiting to receive the returns pack. On each occasion, after an apology for this I was informed that pack would be sent out so that I could return the router. No pack was ever received despite being sent out by TalkTalk allegedly on 3 occasions.

Additionally on each occasion I have talked to a service rep they have been unable(or unwilling) to send me a confirmation of my request to resend as an email.

I have had a number of service and billing issues with TalkTalk in the past which is why I cancelled my service with them, but still to this day they cannot get there act together

Can anybody suggest a way in which I can resolve this? Feel as though I should be charging them for the amount of time I have to spend trying to resolve their administrative mess.


I have never before experienced such a disorganised company.



John Hunter

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Update for anyone interested:

TalkTalk Customer service informed me by text that they would contact me on Thursday 12th Aug between 12 & 2 about the complaint that I raised. I therefore reorganised my day to ensure that I would be at home at that time, Nobody called at all that day! Someone from their customer complaints team did however call on Friday to discuss my issues, I asked why they never called yesterday and all I got was "sorry" 

I did however reach a settlement whereby they have offered to waive the charge for returning the Router (still no sign of the returns pack even though they said the sent it on the 9th Aug)

At long last, a resolution, however does not take away from the fact that it took me a lot of my own time trying to sort this out because of the fact that TalkTalk's customer service processes are an absolute shambles .

John Hunter

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Yes it does start with WA16 which is the same as it has been for over 3 years on your database!


As a follow up to my original post I managed to get through to TalkTalk again (Talked to brian who was very helpful) who said they would send out another returns kit (still dont hold out much confidence  that this will turn up) and at the same time I lodged a customer complaint. TalkTalk sent me a text to say that they would call me today between 12:00 and 14:00 - No phone call received - Just goes to show that even after raising a complaint they still dont give a damn about there customers 

To anybody senior who may actually read this post....Do you think this is acceptable? If not what are you going to do about it?


I hereby give you notice that should the returns package not arrive  before Monday then my storage charges for ensuring your router is kept in a dry and safe place will apply from that date - they are £2 per day. up to a maximum of £50 (25 days) if not received by then I will place the router on a bin bag outside the gate for your collection (I will not be held responsible for weather damage or theft at this point)

Moving forward I could not possibly recommend the services of a company with such appalling customer service. Especially when they still send you threatening final demands for payment (£50 for non return of router) when in fact I have been trying to return it for over 4 months now and despite assurances from call centre staff to disregard these,  No call centre staff can send me a confirmation email or letter that these demands are null and void and were sent out in error because of their mistakes.

Let this be a warning for anyone reading this and thinking of paying for a service from TalkTalk


John Hunter

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Hi @webhunter


Can you confirm that the correct  post code we are sending the bags to starts with WA16?


Last bag was sent 09/08/21.