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TalkTalk enrolled me into another contract without my consent

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I have recently notice that TalkTalk have enrolled me into another 18 month contract without my permission or consent. My contract ran out last year and I was happy with continuing on the monthly rolling plan as I am planning to move out this year. I then phoned customer service why said that they could not see any notes from an agent who started the new contract - I'm not surprised as I did not ask for this to happen! I was then informed that it was possibly done through "one click" in an email that was sent to me. This is also untrue as I saw the emails but did not click any links as I knew I didn't want to go into another 18 month contract! The customer advisor then passed me over to their colleague as I ended up being so annoyed by the situation I wanted to give my 30 days notice and leave without having to pay fees for a contract I didn't consent to. The lady then said that she will escalate this to her manager who will phone me back in the morning of 10/06/21. I did not get a call-back that morning so I phoned TalkTalk that afternoon to be told basically the same thing and that a manager will be in touch on 11/06/21 to discuss this further. I still have not heard anything. 


This whole situation is absolutely disgusting, for a company to take out a contract in someone's name without permission is criminal behaviour! I would like this resolved, I honestly want nothing to do with TalkTalk anymore as I do not do business with shady companies. Can a manager contact me as soon as possible to discuss this as I feel like I'm getting ignored at the moment, it feels like TalkTalk are trying to buy time. If this is not resolved promptly I want this escalated to the CEO's office as I am not happy with this situation and would like to receive an explanation how a company thinks they can sign someone up for a contract without verbal/written permission? 


I am very upset about TalkTalk's conduct and would like this resolved quickly as this is making me feel very anxious. I look forward to receiving a reply and a resolution.


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Ok What I can offer is a contract roll back so you are out of contract , to do this I need to confirm some security questions. 


So I have sent you a PM on the community. 


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Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your response however I am still failing to understand why it suddenly showed that I renewed it through My Account, when 2 days earlier I was being told there was no info on the account of how the contract was renewed?
The callback on the 2nd was about my Internet speeds and that has been resolved. I look forward to hearing from a member of the team to discuss this current complaint. When can I expect them to get in touch with me as I do not want to be waiting another week.

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Im afraid I can only give the information shown on the account which shows that you last contract ended 20 April 2020 and on the 27 July 2020 the contract was renewed via My Account. 


In relation to the complaint I will contact our complaint managers and ask them to Pick this up ASAP the last call was attempted on the 2nd June. 


Apologies again


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Thank you for your reply. However, I am failing to understand why I was told twice, by your customer service agents, that they could not see a renewal by an agent or done by myself online. And now you are saying that I done it myself through My Account? I can assure you I did not request a renewal through My Account, as you will see in my original post I am planning to move this year and it wouldn't make sense for me to enter in another 18 month contract. I understand you are doing your job, however I am not happy with this reply. TalkTalk keep changing their story, one minute telling me I mustve done it through one click in an email (which is a shady tactic to say the least) to you've renewed through My Account. As I've said previously, I did not consent to this contract and I would like to take my business as far away from TalkTalk as possible. Also, I still haven't reviewed a call back from a manager to discuss my complaint, which I find very unprofessional. I would love to be able to speak to someone about this and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Support Team
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Hi patrycjakielt


Your contract was renewed via My Account on 28/07/2020 this was done online. 


Does anyone else have access to your My Account?




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This has been flagged up to the support team for you, but as the weekend is almost upon us it may not be until Monday at the earliest that you get a response. Rest assured though that they will take this matter seriously and help as much as they can, or escalate as appropriate.