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TalkTalk intent on disconnecting my service despite being given an alternative date

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Good Afternoon


I have already discussed this under another post and was advised to add it to this section.


I am currently a TalkTalk customer and my current contract is due to end on 15th November 2019. 


On 26th September 2019 I signed up with another provider, Virgin Media with a connection date of 14th October 2019 (Today). I initially chose this date because I thought I had 30 days from the end of my contract to not incur exit fees. Virgin Media put through the cease date to TalkTalk at the time of me signing up with them.


I then received a letter from TalkTalk advising me of my end of service date (today) and that I would have to pay £9.17 exit fees in my final bill. I immediately telephoned TalkTalk and was told I was incorrect in my assumption of the 30 day grace period and that I would be leaving TalkTalk on 14th October 2019. I was told there was nothing I, the account holder could do about this cease date and that any changes could only be made by my new provider. 


I immediately contacted Virgin Media who were more than happy to extend my installation date to 14th November 2019 which the TalkTalk representative had confirmed was the earliest date I could leave TalkTalk without incurring exit fees. Virgin Media cancelled the cease date of 14th October and put in a new request to cease on 14th November 2019. I then telephoned TalkTalk again to confirm my change of cease date and was again told there was nothing I the customer/account holder could do to stop my service being terminated on 14th October. 


I telephoned TalkTalk again a few days later as my online details were still showing as leaving on 14th October and to make sure they had received the new instructions from Virgin Media. TalkTalk claimed they had not received the new instructions and repeated there was nothing I could do to stop the action being taken today.


I contacted Virgin Media again and they put through another cancellation of the cease for 14th October 2019 to help me and to stop TalkTalk terminating my service today. 


I am in poor health and cannot be without my landline service at all and would choose not to be without Broadband for any length of time either. I have worried all week about losing my TalkTalk service today.


It is now 14.17 on Monday 14th October 2019 and my TalkTalk service is still connected but there are still just over 9 hours of today left for my service to be terminated. My online account with TalkTalk is now showing I have pending orders with an installation date of today. What is this? I will rest a bit easier tomorrow if I still have a TalkTalk service.


Why have I the customer/account holder had to go through all this and not have my change of decision accepted by TalkTalk? It seems the customer has no say in what happens to their account even though every customer has a right to make changes and leave if they wish. 




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...and now MyAccount access is reported fixed as at 09.06.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi Molly




As Arne says, MyAccount is not quite as fixed as first thought. The MyAccount Service Status report has been reinstated.


Keep an eye on the Service Status Dashboard (Websites) for updates. When MyAccount is fully fixed the Service Status Websites report will be cleared and change from amber to green.

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FYI   There is currently an Outage for My Account see our service status page once restored you can log in and pay the final bill.


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Hi Molly


Your TalkTalk MyAccount will remain active for 12 months after leaving TalkTalk.  There was a recent issue with some customers not able to sign in to MyAccount but that's been fixed.  Try again with MyAccount or use LiveChat or Messenger on the MyTalkTalk mobile app (8am to 10pm).


The TalkTalk email address / mailbox will remain active for as long as you wish subject to subscribing to TalkTalk Mail Plus when you receive an invitation to do so.  Just carry on using TalkTalk Mail for free until the mailbox receives an invitation email from TalkTalk when, if you choose not to subscribe, you'll receive a timetable for making your choice and migrating the mail contacts to another mail service provider.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Good Morning


I have now been locked out of my account so I cannot see how much my final bill is which I want to pay now. I will pay for the telephone and broadband service I have had and telephone calls made up until 18th October 2019 09.00 when TalkTalk disconnected my service. I will not pay early exit fees because I did not exit early TalkTalk did that.


TalkTalk will need to contact me about this as I am not paying for a phone call to them. Could anyone supply a freephone number to assist me?


Could I also ask how long I am able to access and use my TalkTalk email address for? 




Sheena Read

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Good Afternoon


Thank you for your response. Sorry for the delay in replying but as you can appreciate without any telephone or broadband there was little I could do until now. 


Virgin Media have connected my broadband and landline today. They have given me a temporary landline number until my number original number is ported over. The porting of my original number is already in place and the success will depend on TalkTalk accepting the request and providing they have not already given my landline number to another customer after my unwarrented disconnection on Friday which was 28 days too early.


You are incorrect in advising that the authority to change or cancel any TalkTalk services lay with the customer. I have lost track of how many times TalkTalk told me I the customer, could not change or canel anything and that it all had to come from my new provider. 


The reason I am submitting a complaint to the TalkTalk CEO is they need to know how badly their customers are being treated. If this is not the fault of the multiple representatives I spoke with (which I don't think it is) then the policy and procedure of not allowing a customer to have any control over changes, including cancellation of their service is very bad indeed. My reason for also going public is to make current and future customers aware of the potential problems they may experience when making changes to their service or trying to leave TalkTalk.




Sheena Read


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Sorry that you are unhappy, I will raise this to our CEO office as requested. 


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If your landline number is important to you, contact Virgin as soon as possible to find out exactly what they have requested from TT and who actually "owns" your number right now.


A complaint to the CEO Office and "going public" whatever that means, is highly unlikely to get your number back if Virgin have not requested it from TT.


From your original post, it seems that YOU needed to actually cancel the cancellation with TT, Virgin are not responsible for that, all they would do is advise TT that they would be talking over your number on a different date.


The only authority to change the TT cancellation was yours as you are moving between two completely different systems.


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Good Morning Everyone, 


Just to let you all know that TalkTalk have gone ahead and DISCONNECTED my telephone and broadband this morning at approximately 09.00 despite being told multiple times that I did not intend to leave TalkTalk until 14th November 2019. 


I am am in poor health and undergoing cancer treatment at present but regardless of my situation no TalkTalk customer deserves to be treated like this. 


I would like like this post to be brought to the attention of the CEO of TalkTalk and all who might be interested. Please also be advised that I am now going public with the appalling treatment I have received from TalkTalk. 




Sheena Read 

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Yes you are right. 

Virgin Media are taking over my landline telephone number and that is why a cease order has been raised. Virgin Media will be installing their own cable/line and equipment to provide me with their service. 


TalkTalk have said they will terminate both my landline telephone and broadband today! despite being told multiple times that I do not now want to leave until 14th November. 

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Virgin Media will only be taking over your phone NUMBER if you have asked them to do so.


The two providers use entirely different systems to provide broadband.


Virgin DO NOT take over your service from TT, they install their own cable to your home from the broadband.