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TalkTalk not respecting contract renewal - overcharged bill

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Hi all,


This is getting quite frustrating.

Being a TalkTalk customer from few years now and never had a problem.


My contract was due to end on May 2021 so I received the following email:

"Dear Mr,

We know staying connected is especially important right now. And getting a good deal always matters. You currently pay £24.50 a month for Superfast Fibre and Line Rental. But after your existing contract ends on 21 May 2021, your monthly charge will be £29.95. So here’s a helpful breakdown of some of your options.

1: Move onto a new, matching Fibre 65 and Line Rental contract for £25.00 per month for 18 months.

2: Stay on your current service at £29.95 per month with the ability to change provider whenever you like.

You don’t have to do anything."


As I didn't want to be on contract anymore I didn't reply to that email, deciding to pay £29.95 monthly. 


Since then I've been charged £36.95.


I contacted TalkTalk multiple times and I got offered other contracts, which I don't want as I took my decision by not replying to that email. From those £36.95, £19.00 are under "monthly allowance".

I just have the broadband, no landline phone, tv etc.


On my second attempt I've been told that the month after I'd have get the £19 back which happened, and that I was going to carry on with the roll over contract.


That month I've been without connection for few days due to an external problem, contacted assistance again and I was assured that this month I would've been compensated for the time I was offline.



This week I got my last bill and is back to £36.95, no compensation and back to the old price i didn't sign in for. Every time I speak to assistance they don't know what to do and I get offered new contracts which I don't want at the moment.


This is getting quite frustrating, is there anyone that had a similar situation?

The mail didn't state any additional fee so there is no point my bills are overcharged.





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Hi biancosciolto


I have checked your account.


The price you were advised was correct at the time, £29.95 however we have gone through a £2 price increase in July, effective from August  since then and the new price is £31.95, you also have the Fibre speed boost which is £5 extra, when your contract ended the half price discount also ended. 


Your bills are correct.


Sorry for any confusion. 

Community Star
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I'll re-escalate this for you, @biancosciolto.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Arne, I replied a couple of days ago but I can't see my post anymore for some reason. I added my infos to the profile, let me know if there is anything else I have to do. Thanks


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Hi all, thanks for the replies,

Had few problems logging back in.


I now updated my community profile, @Gliwmaeden2 thanks for the time you took to explain, the fact is that what I'm paying is not reflecting the plan I received in that email. 


I don't use Anytime Calls, Supersafe Boost or Voicemail Plus as I don't have a landline phone, I do have the speedboost, but still, that email wasn't really clear.


Thanks all for the help!

Support Team
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Hi @biancosciolto


Thanks for your post, sorry that you are having problems.


If you would like us to look into this, please can you update your community profile to include your home telephone number, we will then be able to have a look at your  account.

To do this go into 'my settings' then 'personal information' then add your details.




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Taking a closer look, @biancosciolto, the out of contract price for Faster Fibre is £31.95. The full price speed boost is £5.00, I think.


It's more like the original quoted price in that email simply doesn't match what they charge for that package. 


It still needs sorting out, as the information you were given was confused. Let's leave it for forum staff to sort out when they reach your thread. 


It is in the queue for attention. 



Concerning the compensation, @biancosciolto, there appears to be considerable delay with this across the industry.


Details here:


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Sometimes old contracts have boosts included for free, but these would also expire at the end of the contract.


It's worth double checking that there is no charge for Anytime Calls, Supersafe Boost or Voicemail Plus lurking in there.


The "monthly allowance" is not actually a charge but a limit, so if you were using the phone for numbers not included in the Anytime calls boost, or don't have that boost, you couldn't make further calls unless that allowance were adjusted. It's to help avoid huge bills.


So, it doesn't make much sense at all, @biancosciolto.


To help staff, please complete your community forum profile details so they can identify your account and get to the bottom of this.


Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. 


Staff reply Monday to Friday during the day, so, if you don't get a response today, please check after the weekend. 


Moving this to the billing section. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.