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That's it I've had enough

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Can anyone tell me how to get to TALK to someone re my account, a telephone number would be great. My contract expires at the end of the year and I definitely won't be renewing, I'm absolutely fed up to the back teeth with them. 😡👹

PB Frewer

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Hi Oneeasygeezer 


The email username is your full email address and the password is the email password. Same password as you'll use to sign in to TalkTalk Mail webmail, same password as for the IMAP incoming mail server and same password for the SMTP outgoing mail server. 


If you need to change the password then use the Forgotten password button in the help page Changing your email password 


The TalkTalk recommended email settings are here Email settings - IMAP & POP3 


GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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A slightly different problem which I've been trying to get a resolution to for the last month is I've had my Talktalk email account set up through Outlook on my MS365 office account and access it from both my Windows PC's and my android phone as well as my Chrome book and its the last two which are the issue. I'm getting no response from Microsoft so it looks like I have to resolve the problem myself. 


Everything worked OK until three weeks or so ago when it said I need to resync my TT account so I put input all the Imap data and passwords but it insisted on the SMTP password for outgoing mail which I've never had and can't find anywhere on the TT website can you help please.



PB Frewer

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@anothergeeza, Chat is available when it shows with a blue background banner on this page:


Hours of availability are detailed there.


If you need help from forum staff, please add your Talktalk landline number to your community forum profile details by going via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard. 


You will need to start your own thread. Return to the message board and click on "start a topic".


Staff will reply to your own thread Monday to Friday. They only reply to the original poster.


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Oneeasygeezer, their phone number should be easily seen on the website, but it is under so many links. Not great if they wish to receive new customers. I too have an issue I'd like to discuss with them, anyone seen 'live chat', I've been looking for it, yet when I talk on the phone to them the place seems to be buzzing behind them, whilst 'live chat' doesn't seem to be live whenever I go onto the website.

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Thanks for the response the problem finally resolved itself this morning without any assistance. I've been with TT for more that 10 years and in all that time there's been no noticeable improvement in customer support despite the continued low customer rankings.
PB Frewer

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Hi @Oneeasygeezer


What is the problem that you are having, is there anything I can do to help?


Let me know.


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Hi Martin


I eventually got through to someone but it was a complete waste of time I was given all sorts of excuses but just ended up wasting more of my time so had to give up they can see the problem but just fobbed me off.



PB Frewer

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0345 172 0046