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The epic story of leaving talktalk

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This story is more in trying to find out if anyone else has come across this and opinion in do I pay the charges, if there is any tricks in getting to speak to someone at talk talk who can help? I've also repeated this story so many time on the phone that there needs to be some record of it.


I had no problems with Talk Talk broadband and when recently fibre was installed in my street I thought great, I can upgrade. Going on the Talk Talk website it sent me to a form to register my details for a call back about upgrading my account but it kept saying to provide a post code. There was no post code field. I managed to get around this and after a few days got a call about upgrading.


Fine I was told, I can upgrade and the nice sales man talked me all through it and after 20mins of T&Cs told me that there was great new, an engineer has been booked for the 9th of August (about 2 weeks away at the time) and it was all ready to go. Fantastic. 


2 weeks go by and I thought it was weird there was no email confirmation or anything but I thought they know what they are doing. I made sure I put some extra hours in work (I work from home) to cover any internet downtime I might have on the day.


On the day there was some digging work going on in my street, so I phone Talk Talk just to make them aware and make sure that it wouldn't be a problem and they say 'What upgrade? You have nothing on your account about anyone coming out today'. I assure them that it was all sorted in a call 2 weeks ago and they go 'Oh yeah, it was cancelled but we don't know why I think it is something to do with our system it just cancels them sometimes'. OK, no matter I still have broadband can we go through the process again, of course! and we do and 20mins of T&Cs later I am told its ready to go. I brightly ask how will I know if this one goes through? I'm told that if I don't hear anything in a week phone them. 


So in a week I phone them and I talk to someone, 'Oh it was rejected this time', I ask why? I'm told they don't know and I can be put through the sales process again. But I'm on a work break and have no time for another 20mins of T&Cs and he apologises and says he has put notes on my account and to phone his team directly and they will be aware of the issue and try to expedite it for me when I call back in the evening.


I call back in the evening and after 10 minutes of trying to find my account tell me there is nothing on it and he will put me through to sales to try again. No I say, enough. I am out of contract with Talk Talk and there are other deals with other providers and it's just beyond a joke now. He apologises and I am faced with looking for another provider.


I go with BT, slightly more expensive but they say they will swap me from my old provider without me having to deal with them (a big plus as the idea of being stuck on talk talk support was giving me anxiety), it's all confirmed the engineer comes out like they said, sorts it all out and says Talk Talk will probably send me out a bag for their equipment. I cancel my direct debit after my Talk Talk bill goes out. Sorted.


I month later I get a bill from Talk Talk. Weird. So I phone them and explain the above and my phone call 'drops out', so I phone again and after this call seems more stable I say I've moved to another provider because of all the issues I had. BT should have moved me over. The man on the phone says BT have done nothing, I say fine but please close my account. I'm told they can't because I recently signed up with a new fibre package with them and I have a new contract. Yes, that was surprising. I tell them the story again, he says yes he can see the package was rejected but he himself cannot close the account it won't let him, he will pass me on to someone who can. 


I am and I explain the above again. The woman does not even reply but puts me on hold and I am put through to a third person. 


I explain the above again. She says she is sorry I am thinking of leaving talk talk, can she do anything to help and convince me to stay. I am dumbfounded and explain it again, I have already moved over I want my account closed so I'm not charged anymore. She says I can't because I recently took out a fibre contract with them. I explain it again and she agrees that it does indeed say it was rejected but she herself cannot close it..


At this point I have been on the phone for about 45 mins and I think a TV crew is going to walk into my room and say I'm on some prank show.


I ask what do we do from here? she says someone will call me from the 'back office' at some point. Right, I thank her and await for a call.


I get a call the next day but I'm in a meeting and I can't answer the call, phoning the number back the machine says they will call me back if needed but a few days later I get a letter confirming the closing of my account and I will get my final bill in November. Finally, I think.


This is followed by more letters from Talk Talk in the meantime saying they are passing my details onto a 3rd party collection agency and my account seems very much active. 


I'm going to try and call again today but I want this recorded in the history books and maybe a lawyer will read this when I'm in debtor prison and help others.


So should I just pay the bill up to this point and hope they close my account? Should I refuse to pay the bill after I joined BT and risk dealing with 3rd party collection agencies and effecting my credit score? What would you do?







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Hi mattjoyce1094,


Thank you - have sent you a PM requesting for further details, we'll then look into this for you.





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Thanks, I added the landline to my account profile. 


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Hi @mattjoyce1094


Im sorry to read of the problems you have had. 


I would be happy to look into this for you, If you can add either the landline number or account number to you community profile I can investigate this further. 


Thank you. 


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I decided to just pay for the service I didn't have. I asked them why my account is saying another bill will be produced on the 4th when my account should be closed. She said it is suspended and won't be re-activated. It's even got the pending fibre package in big bold letters on my account, the one which was cancelled and then rejected.


I just don't want it effecting my credit score and I just have a feeling their incompetence on the phone is all designed to make it as hard as possible to get anywhere, to ware you down until you just pay for them to go away. Or am I cynical. 


So good luck to those who try and cancel with talk talk, you may find your phone line dropping out, a claim of a bad signal or being put on hold for 15mins while they check your account, if they can find it to cancel it. 



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my guess it will be kicked down the street as if a problem is to hard its past around till the customer hangs up!

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@mattjoyce1094 That is a sorry tale indeed. Without being presumptive, I imagine that this is such a mess that it will be best kicked upstairs at the earliest opportunity. Either way, this has been flagged to the support team here and they will advise further as soon as they pick this up when they are back online from tomorrow.