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The new prices from April

Chat Champion
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Just got my email regarding the increase in prices to my 'fixed price plan', note fixed price and increase! I guess this bit of the email message counts for nothing "Thanks for being a loyal TalkTalk customer". What a joke. 

Please don't give me the reasons why the price 'has' to go up as I have already read the stock cut and paste answer,


This was included in my email but I can find no further details



Obviously we can disregard item 1 as it appears that Talk Talk are untrustworthy when it comes to promises or contracts. However I would like to know more about 2 and 3, even though that also mentions a Talk Talk guarantee which is worth diddly squat.

So who can give me more info on items 2 & 3. I do remember some time back when we could pay the yearly lumpsum and get a percentage off.





Support Team
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Hi rickey


Fixed Price Plus

Pay a little more each month throughout your minimum contract term and we guarantee to completely fix your price. Once your contract ends your broadband will only increase in line with inflation. discuss this with our loyalty team on 03451720046


Pre pay saver information can be found on our help page


Hope that helps