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Topcashback not tracking.

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Hi there,


I have ordered Fibre 500 via Topcashback but cannot see that it has been tracked there.

I logged a missing claim via a ticket with them and was asked to provide the order number starting with letter N followed by 8 digits, but can’t find it on my talktalk account.  Could you please advise?


Many thanks,



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@markbloke @Kyledeca thank you both for replying to me. It sounds promising. I notice my ticket is now being escalated so fingers crossed!

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I also went through Topcashback and my order did not track. I got an order reference starting with "S" from Arne via PM. 
I put in a missing cashback claim with Topcashback then followed that up with a query because in the claim form they were asking for a reference starting with "N". If I hadn't done that I suspect Topcashback wouldn't have got back to me until they sent off that month's batch several weeks later.
As it was I went back and forth with them via their customer service link with them saying there was no way they could process a reference starting with "S" and with me telling them to look at these threads. Eventually I got to somebody in Topcashback via Twitter who may have helped with getting them to update their system. The upshot is they now claim they will process references starting with "S" and that will get done in the next batch. Now we play the waiting game......


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Hi @Robe321 


@Arne-TalkTalk sent me my S order number via PM. TopCashback have submitted my claim to Talktalk on the 16th of June and says it could take 12-16 weeks to hear anything. Hoping that something can be done from Talktalk's side to speed that up.


You should be able to get your S order number, it's just whether you are confident you'll get the order tracked successfully or not...

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Hi @markbloke and @Kyledeca 

did either of you get either the N or S order number? I have the same problem and getting nowhere with TopCashback. I raised my own community ticket here but no response from TalkTalk so far. Wondering if I’m best to cancel my order as it’s due to be installed this Thursday. 


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I've still had no update from Topcashback despite messaging them again and sending them a "nudge". So much for being a Plus member there.


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Yep, likewise. Had a message from them stating that they’re able to now submit the claim for me, just to confirm the S number. 

Fingers crossed that it’ll actually come through now otherwise it’ll be back to square one possibly. 

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The form hasn’t been updated yet but I’ve had a message from Top Cashback to say they’ve resolved it and will accept my S order number. 

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Fantastic - good work! I've messaged them again on TCB, asking them to let me know when the form is updated.


I feel that this has taken far too long to resolve. Hopefully this form update is a quick process and the claims are tracked sooner rather than later.



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OK, I have an update via PM on twitter:
"Hey Mark, our team are updating the claims form so you should be able to lodge a missing cashback claim for this very soon 🙂 -Phil"
It's all happening!

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This is exactly the response I've had from Topacashback. Basically a robotic insistence on a reference starting with an N, being spoken to like I'm a bit silly and must have missed something or got a bit confused. I've PM'd them on twitter, they've said they'll talk to TalkTalk and get back to me. If this isn't resolved by Friday I'll have to cancel the service before it starts, which is very sad but I've had enough of going back and forth trying to get these two companies to talk to each other.

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@Arne-TalkTalk  this is todays response from TCB. Can you please provide me with an update as I’m really not getting anywhere with this. 


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Much appreciated, thank you

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I'll re-escalate this for you, @Kyledeca.


Staff will be back after the weekend. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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 any update on this? TCB are still saying they require a number starting with an N. Is there nothing that can be done from your side to make the transaction track?



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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


The service has now gone live.


Do you need any information from me?


Thank you!


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@martswain  very odd. Just checked myself on chrome on my phone and it’s £157.50. Regardless though I suppose, it was £157.50 when I signed up.



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@Kyledeca  the web page version using  Chrome is only showing £127.50 this morning (Saturday)


@jace777  TCB working fine for me on Chrome, have been redeeming my latest bungs for award vouchers with no issue in the last week or so.


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Top Cashback has been down on my Google chrome many weeks,it still just says 403 Forbidden! But yet they say no problems!


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Hi @martswain 


The way you’ve described it, is always the way TCB has worked for me previously when ordering a broadband deal or sky etc.


I’ve attached a screenshot of the deal I took out. It was still showing at 6pm this evening. 



@Arne-TalkTalk is it not the case that it should work this way with Talktalk and it will indeed track once the service goes live?


many thanks both.