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Transfer from business to residential failed miserably

First Timer
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My husband arranged our new contract changing from business broadband to residential. Talk Talk promised that the residential team would do the swap over with the business team. It's all gone very very wrong. We've ended up with a new phone number with no hope of getting our old one back and now residential and business broadband are charging us; business broadband are now saying we need to give 30 days notice and residential couldn't be any less helpful. Business broadband have already taken £50+ on top of the residential charges this month and apparently will try and do so next month. Come on TalkTalk this needs you to resolve this.


Support Team
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Hi Mrsw4014


Sorry that you are having problems. 


Do you have a account manager on the Business side?   I suspect the residential order went through as a new line, Your account manager should be able to contact the residential side and fix this.