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Tricky situation

First Timer
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Hi, we signed up for talk talk broadband but it never actually worked. The hub always had the "cannot connect to the internet" error on it. After several days troubleshooting with on line chat, a new hub was sent and the same issue persisted. Support wouldn't send an engineer to check the line although at this point I had my suspicions the line talk talk activated wasn't the line to the house. I could even see traffic on the traffic graph of the account (by connecting via 4g to the internet) so it did seem that "someone else" was using the line. Support couldn't handle that situation though it seems. .To be honest we got very frustrated that the same questions were being asked every time we followed the troubleshooting process and each time we'd have to boot, wait 30 mins then get someone new to chat to who did the very same thing. After 8 days and over 20 hours on chat I decided to call it a day and cancel the contract. I went with another provider. The same issue persisted with them, as expected, however they sent an engineer the next day. BT arrived and noted that the line to the house wasn't connected to anything at the other end. Lines had indeed been "crossed". When I called the land line number assigned to us, someone else answered so this confirmed the issue. We are now with another provider but the promised full refund has yet to appear. We can see a partial refund on the account but there is more to come of course. Can this be investigated please? We are also concerned that we will get the £177 cancellation fee at some point. Obviously that wouldn't be ok as we never received the service paid for. I also note that today we have received the link to the free gift (I think it was a gift card). I'd rather not call a call centre again, we have done that and the answer to refund was yes and the answer to no £177 fine was yes too however that was over a month ago now. 


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Hi @timminter


I have checked the account and there will not be a cancellation fee as you cancelled in the cooling off period, the first bill that you paid will also be returned. 


You can request a refund via My Account which you should still have access to. 


Any problems let me know.


First Timer
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I completed the action and the form sent. 


Support Team
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Hi @timminter


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




Community Star
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Please complete your community forum profile details, @timminter.


You'll need to put in the Talktalk landline number that was associated with this account by going via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. 


I'll escalate this thread for you  - a software glitch prevented it entering the workflow queue for attention. 


It may be a further couple of days or so before it reaches staff. Please look out for their response. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.