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Trying to cancel a contract for a vulnerable person!

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After a frustrating 90 minutes on the phone with TalkTalk, I wrote a Trustpilot review and was asked to post here by one of your employees.  I'm not sure if there is any point, but I guess it's worth a try...  The details of my frustrations are below in the review I wrote:



"I'm writing this while holding for a manager so that I can make a complaint.

Sadly, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and moved out of her own home into a care home earlier this year. Unfortunately, she was also a TalkTalk customer!

Today, I have tried to cancel her contract and disconnect the line with immediate effect, as the house sale has completed and new owners are likely to move into the house any day. After going through security and explaining the situation, the TalkTalk employee informed me that the contract and line would be cancelled in a month's time, which I queried. He went away and then explained that it would be cancelled from the 9th June, in 5 days time. I again queried this and asked for it to be done immediately, he told me that he wasn't from the right department and didn't know how to do that but could put me through to someone who could deal with that request. So, I agreed for him to raise the cancellation on the 9th June and for him to put me through the relevant department - he didn't! He put me through to technical support who couldn't help. Furthermore, I have subsequently discovered he didn't raise the cancellation for the 9th but the original date, in a month's time!

Upon calling back (now 35 minutes wasted), I spoke to a different TalkTalk customer service (I use the term 'service' loosely) adviser. After a length conversation and many periods of being on hold, he informed me that he could cancel the cancellation request and I could phone back 24 hours later to raise a new cancellation request. This was the final straw and is why I'm waiting to make a complaint with a manager.....

20 minutes of hold time... and feeling extremely ground down. The service adviser convinced me that he would cancel the request and get the back office team to raise a new cancellation order for as soon as possible. They would then call me to let me have the date of cancellation - that call will be within 7 working days - good god what a farse!

Over an hour on the phone - I'm done.

I have since called back to make a complaint but keep being transferred and can never get to a manager. I concede that in usual circumstances there is a cooling-off period and it takes time to disconnect a line, but this, unfortunately, is not a usual circumstance.

If I never have to deal with TalkTalk again it will be too soon."


Support Team
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Hi @seagaldo


Sorry that you are having problems. 


Do you have power of attorney over the account ?


Can you add either the account number or landline number into your community profile and we can have a look into this for you. 


Thank you.


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I am sorry to see that you have been struggling with this. You cannot generally cancel with immediate effect, but you can ask for the service to be suspended pending cancellation which will prevent anyone else from using it. Bear in mind that the new house owners may well want to arrange their own broadband in the meantime, which may further complicate matters. 


I am not sure to what extent the support team here can help, but if you put your mother-in-law's TalkTalk landline number in the Private notes section of your community profile (click here) they will advise further.