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Two different monthly renewal prices

First Timer
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I notice that on 19-10-2021, 'Miss Bossy' posted under the above subject.  Well, I have just received the same letter dated 9th May 2022 and after contacting TT on the chat line was told that the plan offered does not appear against my contract.  I thought that TT were supposed to have resolve the issue but apparently not.   I can see two plans on line priced at £27 and £28.50 but cannot tell the difference between them except that the cheaper one comes with a 'free gift'.  I really think that TT have lost the plot; some plain language easy to follow comparison tables would be useful.    Anyone else having similar issues?


Support Team
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Hi ardmory


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720088 They will be able to see what options are available, or ask them to match the deal you have been offered in the letter. 


Sorry for any confusion caused 


Community Star
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Just phone up on 03451720088 to haggle or use Chat, on the link on this page, @ardmory:


Check comparison websites too.


Information is power....


The discounts are a moveable feast, so if you are not happy with a first offer, try another time or two. 


It's quite time consuming, sadly. 


Both phone and Chat are available from 9am. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.