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Unable to log in to my account

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Hi, I've been unable to log into my account for the last 5 or 6 days now, I keep getting a message that "Due to technical issues we can't log you in right now. Please try again later". I have tried re-registering & changing my password but this hasn't worked either.



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But I verified it when I was on live chat on Tuesday evening! 

The only account number I have is the one that was on my invoice (shown against "account number"), which I've provided - yet everyone says this isn't my account number and I should log in to MyAccount to see it - which I can't do - hence raising the issue.

I've been unable to open 2 of the messages you sent in my profile last Thursday.

I've updated my profile in the Community with my home phone number etc - even put in the 1st & 4th characters of my password (which is one of the questions asked). How else can I access? Should I put in the 3rd & 6th characters as well (for example)?


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Hi HW-16745, just want to confirm that we cannot help you on the community with this issue as you've failed to verify ID successfully 4 times. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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  • Thanks for your answer, @Gliwmaeden2 you're very kind. I've now added my landline number on my community forum profile which I hope will help the issues.

    I went on Live chat last night and spent 2hours trying to sort it out, including using different browsers, devices, resetting my password etc. 

    Because I'm only an email customer and don't use (and have never used) them for broadband or phone or TV they are unable to escalate the issue. I became a tiscali customer many years ago when we all used dial-up, but when everything switched to talk talk & broadband I started using a different provider. I have never been a phone customer.

    The account number everyone wants is either on a paper invoice (my bill and payment were online so I don't have one) or on the MyAccount page (which I can't get into, hence the issue raised here).

    Although I passed all the questions on livechat and they clearly had my account details there, they couldn't tell me, or email, or post my account number to me.

    I even tried to register again from the very start but it just says I am already a talk talk customer and I should login to my account. Which I can't.

    I requested a transcript of the chat by using the option on the thread but even that hasn't come through yet.

    All I want to do is be able to re-add the account to my mobile and my laptop.

    I don't understand why the account number on my invoice (which says "Account number **********") wouldn't match my account number! It doesn't make sense to me.


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I can see why you are wanting this issue checked out, @HW-16745!


Staff may already be following up the issue, as you mentioned it in your ongoing thread about Talktalk Plus:


Your account number should show on all your old billing notifications. 


You should be able to access your old My Account via your email address and your password, both previously set up for that when you were a customer. 


Please ensure that your community forum profile details show your Talktalk landline number. 


I've no idea what you have put in there. Only staff and yourself have access to that area. Some people put a mobile phone number in the landline phone number area, but that's no use for identifying your account. It must be your landline number. 


Your old Talktalk landline must be correct. Check it by going via your avatar/name; settings; Launch Profile Wizard.  Click finish to save. 


Staff should be able to identify your account if your telephone number is correct. Hopefully this will help them break through this tangle. 


Your thread is in the queue for attention. 






Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.