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Unexpected charge

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We have (what we now know is a legacy package) a package called Plus Tv Access Everything with Fibre. We were informed that the guaranteed minimum speed should be 35mpb. The router is DSL-3782.


To cut a long story short - which is posted elsewhere on this forum under "Speed issues" - we have a long saga in which we are trying to resolve the speeds that we are receiving which is way below the guaranteed minimum speeds for the package.  The case is ongoing as despite a visit by both a talktalk and openreach engineer the speeds have not improved.  Before the engineers were sent on both occasions we were advised, and agreed with, that if there was nothing wrong that we would be charged £40.


However, on both occasions a "fix" was made and both engineers advised that a charge would not be made.


Due to being at an impasse with the Chat agents (deaf so cannot make phone calls) who can only suggest that we call another engineer out or upgrade we raised the issue on the forum instead in the hope that common sense will prevail and we get some assistance in getting this resolved.  After posting, we received our next monthly bill and realised that there was a charge of £40 - for which engineer I have no idea - that was not meant to be applied, especially as there is still a problem with the speeds we are receiving.


On the other thread about our speed issue we were advised to raise a separate post about the charge, thus we have complied.  Can you please investigate as to why a charge was applied when it should not have been and organise a refund?


Thanks, Alan


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HI Alan45


The engineer charge was credited to your account on the 2nd August, you can see it on the transaction history in My Account. 


Your upgrade options can be found in My Account, or by calling our Loyalty team on on 03451720046 they will be able to help you further with your package. 


Apologies again for any inconvenience caused.



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I'm re-escalating  this thread for you, @Alan45, so staff will pick it up during the week. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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This is my latest post on the other thread.  I am still not happy about the charge being applied when it turned out to be an external fault and nothing at all to do with our home set up.  Both the first and second engineer missed this and yet a charge was applied as there was no fault.


Well it seems that we may finally have got this sorted as the speeds have recovered back to the average of 37 and have remained stable over the past week.  Fingers crossed that this issue is now resolved.


This leads us to being able to decide on our next course of action as inevitably we were previously unable to consider our options - be it to move elsewhere or to stay - until the line was fixed. Can you please confirm there will be no charge for the recent visit, especially as the issues were caused by external factors outside the home that occurred before we even moved into the house 25 years ago. We are still not at all happy about the other charge being applied, especially in light of the fact neither engineer investigated the fault correctly and they should have found the issues externally. We have had to continually call out an engineer despite you saying the line was fine when clearly there was a problem. Luckily our most recent engineer refused to leave until he sorted the line as he also agreed there was a problem (which was exacerbated by the faulty "new" hub) and hopefully the fixes he has made are now permanent.


Due to the constant delays and errors made in resolving our case will you please refund the charge - especially as there is evidence that the cause of the speed issues were in fact nothing to do with our home set up and was external and in place before we even moved into the property 25 years ago and was missed by two previous engineers.  This demonstrated there was a fault on the line despite your chat agents claiming the line tested fine.


We want to now consider an upgrade as we apparently have a legacy package so want to see what you can offer us as we have had to wait two months before we could even consider any of our options as we waited for the line to be fixed.





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Hi Alan45,


Apologies, have responded to you via PM.





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The old sky cables was not the cause of our speed issues as it was dead and not in fact connected for many years - the wiring was still present on the wall as it was too big a job to take off the skirting board around the room so was just left in situ.  The fact the fault is still there demonstrates it was irrelevant.  We reported the speed issues on 21 June before the visit from a TT engineer and OP engineer.


Regarding your comment that the OP engineer advised that if the "removal" of Sky cable (which didnt actually happen) did not resolve the issue then it might be an external fault - does this not mean that you should now be investigating this externally?  I have updated the other thread to confirm receipt of the router and that after installing it there is no change in the speed.  Clearly there is something wrong somewhere but it is up to you as our provider to find that somewhere, be it in our set up, the socket, the line or the exchange.  To incurr a charge just adds injury to insult when the issue has not even been resolved.

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Hi Alan,


Thanks for confirming those details.


Have checked the engineer report from the 3/07, the engineer reported the fault was caused by star wiring within the property from an old sky connection, they advised if the issues continued after removing the old cables, then the issue may be related to an external fault. The engineer charge is valid, further info explaining engineer charges can be found on our help page here;


I can see you contacted us to report speed issues after this visit, but no notes to advise of an external fault. Are you still speaking to us regarding the speed issues and a router has been ordered, please get back to us on the other thread if you need any further help with your connection.





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Hi @Alan, 


I'm sorry you've been charged incorrectly for an engineer visit.


Have sent you a PM requesting for further details, we'll then look into this for you.