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Unexpected request for card payment

Mr Bear 1
Whizz Kid
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I've just glanced at My Account and found a request for a card payment. Given that I pay my monthly bill by direct debit, can anyone explain why this is please? I'm also curious as to why my billing date has changed. I've just contracted for FTTC afte rbeing out of contract on ADSL for a long time but the FTTC monthly payment is well below the out0of-contract ADSL.

Assuming the payment request to be genuine, this seems to be a very haphazard way of billing. I've had no notification of this request whereas my monthly bill has always been preceeded by an email to let me know it's due.


Mr Bear 1
Whizz Kid
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I've now had a proper bill for the same amount and an explanation of how it was arrived at so the direct debit mandate should sort the payment. it's probably as well that I didn't dive in to pay by card.


Community Star
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Hard to understand why this would suddenly show up in My Account, without warning, and not unless there was a failure in the Direct Debit system this month.


Might be worth checking what's happened with your bank, as well as trying to reach Live Chat today, @Mr Bear 1.


Staff are not on the billing board every day of the week, so it might take a day or two before you get a reply on here. 


The link to Chat and details of opening hours are on this page:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.