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Unfair behaviour

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I have been a talk talk customer for the past 9 years and I have always had an international boost as I make frequent phone calls to Bangladesh. Recently on 21st December 2021 my international boost package discount ended so I have taken the decision to stop using boost as it was becoming expensive for me to pay full price. I phoned customer service on the 15th of December and cancelled the package and I heard the agent tell me I can use my renaming minutes till the 21st as that’s when my offer expires so I have made phone calls for 6 days thinking that I am covered with my package when I was not. I later discovered a £57 bill in my account that has been calculated for the phone calls which I had no idea and intention of spending as my primary reason for cancelling the £10 package is because it was expensive so I would never purposely spend £47 extra as it doesn’t make any sense. Had the phone agent told me on the phone that from the 15th of December I will be charged for phone calls I wouldn’t make any. I am really upset and disappointed in the customer service that I have received as this is just taking advantage of people’s money. This is really not fair and I am truly upset. Please someone let me know if there is anything I can do to get my money back. Thank you in advance. 

Badrul Alom

Support Team
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Hi @Rumena13


Really sorry that you where mi-advised regarding the boost minutes, Once the boost is removed the minutes stop. 


I have completed a feedback form on the agent you spoke to as the information was wrong. 


As an apology I have added a small gesture of goodwill on your account. 


Apologies again. 

Community Star
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The inclusive minutes would cease as soon as the package stopped, as they couldn't be applied without it being in place - the same as the Anytime UK calls would cease, or any other form of boost, when removed from My Account. 


What you might see in your next bill is a pro-rata refund for the unused days last month that you would have paid for in advance.


That is a small comfort, I know,  and staff may be able to investigate why an agent appeared to tell you otherwise. 


Staff will be back during the week. 


Chat is available any day:


Let us know if you follow this up on Chat, or just wait for a response on here, @Rumena13.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.