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Unresolved : Engineer charges for TalkTalk issue fix


Hi I noticed incorrect charge for sending an engineer out to FIX issues with my Broadband. I would like to get help to resolve this.

I need someone to find the engineer report, and sort it out ASAP as Fault was at "Exchange", not on my premises.


On 31 January Engineer came to my house around 14PM, He checkd main Socket and done some tests, I said i need to pick up ma Dauther from school at 15PM,

He said he will check exchange located 380  meters away from my permises. I agreed.

When i cam back he said that was "Exchange issue" and told me to check speeds which they went back to normal.

He said i wont be charged for this, as exchange went into IDLE mode.

Now i see money tooked from my account for this service. As i shouldnt even pay for it ( as told by Engineer itself !!!)

I renewed recenly Contract with TalkTalk and this is a BAD practice.

Normally i would make a Call regarding issue, but i had an accident and my "speech" is affectedAS.jpg

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Hi @vivix


The OCE's that support Community will be able to check the Openreach engineer visit report and advise why there's been a charge. I'll ask them to advise you here but please hang on until next week as it's only your fellow customers advising on the forum for now.


Here's an explanation as to why Openreach can charge TalkTalk - some things are chargeable.  However, if there were no repairs or replacements on what Openreach call Customer Premises Equipment, which can include the faceplate of a new master socket or customer wiring, for example, then there should be no charge.


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Ive requested a copy of the report. will post back when ive read it.


Thank you, i hope report will state as i said. 

If its not, then i dont know what to think about that whole situation.

When i sended email to

They just told me that my account indicate an engineer visit.

When i requested them to have a look into engineer report, i did not recieved any reply.


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Hi vivix


The report states that the fault was caused by incorrect setup in your home, the engineer notes state. 


"Fault was down to a splitter coming out Fiber port of ssfp. This made 2 adsl ports one going to a phone and another to router"  Who did you advise? Rafal,  What advice was given to the end user? "Replace splitter with a uk phone port  "


There is no mention of any issues at the exchange,  All engineer charges are determined by the contents of the report submitted to Openreach. Based upon this information, I have to advise that the charge is valid.


If you wish to further dispute this you will need to follow our customer complaints code to log a formal complaint. 




Wow, this is so wierd and odd.

This is true "2 adsl ports one going to a phone and another to router"

I had that connection since bein a customer of talktalk, which my account will state that i was recieving full speeds on my line.

Yes, with that connection.

But when just router was connected to test master socket by Engineer, it did not solve issue. Speeds were down to 7-8 Mbps. Thats why i reported fault. ( tests were done before visit, and at day of visit - uploadedat )

Speeds were down for 4 days until i decided to have a chat with multiple agents, at TalkTalk website.

10th or 11th agent decided to send an engineer.

When i came back home, i have been told that issue was at "exchange" because Engineer couldnt fix it at my property !

When he came back in to my property, he told me to check speeds, and they were slowly coming back to normal.


I can now see, how quality engineers you send out to customers.
I still have connected 2 adsl ports going to a phone and another to router and i have full speeds, as my line can handle.

Explain that please.


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How i can do that ?