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Upgrade error maybe?

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I posted some time ago about my upgrade offer but I'm guessing I didn't do it properly as I never got a reply!


I did an online upgrade to faster fibre I think it was which included a free ring doorbell and the £5 inclusive call package was included.


From reading another post I discovered that it was error on TalkTalk's behalf and was suppose to be a telephone upgrade offer only. However it still let you sign up to it online.


I'm being charged the £5 that was suppose to be included and I never received my ring doorbell.


Is this something that can be resolved?

Many thanks



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Hi @Susielou3


I can help with this I first need to confirm some security questions 


I have sent you a PM on the community




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Thats great thank you! Thought I was going mad!

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@Susielou3, I've found your old post.


You might as well stick with the one we are now on. The old one didn't escalate into the staff workflow as the third party company hasn't sorted a glitch in the software. 


It wasn't your fault at all!


This one is safely in the queue for attention. If it's not picked up today, it will be after the weekend. 


Please look for a reply on here. Any notification emails are from a No Reply address. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.