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Upgrade mis-informed

First Timer
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When I called customer service to consider upgrading before my term ended, I was given a special offer for Fibre 35 and was told(this should have been recorded) that my minimum guarenteed speed would be 22Mbs, however, when I recently checked my service and carried out a speed check, a message appeared that stated my guranteed minimum speed was 8Mbs.

Has anyone else been mis-advised? I was all set to change ISP to NOW broadband whose minimum guranteed speed was 15Mbs and free Anytime calls but because of the information given by TT, I upgraded. Can anything be done about this and can my minimum guranteed speed be increased to that stated by TT over the phone? Can we request a freedom of information request to get a copy of the recorded telephone call? Thanks in advance.


Support Team
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Hi Harveyboxer,


Can you please update your community profile to include your:

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We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated. 





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Hi Martin, only recently changed within the last month and apart from new contract with TT no set up or ISP have changed. Speed is as was 27Mbs and was only doing a speedcheck because of lagging reported by my son. Narrowed down the cause as my daughter facetime activty but she was doing this anyway before the new contract. Upload sppeds when no activity is approx 3Mbs but when my daughter is on facetime, uload speed is less that 1Mbs!!! Can upload speed be improved any?

Insightful One
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@Harveyboxer , 

As @martswain says, it could just be that the service centre hasn't been updated for your Fibre Package. Was it showing 8Mbps minimum on your old ADSL service?


ISPs will set their minimum guarantees based on what speed your line can support, so it seems unlikely that a different ISP will have a much different minimum if they are supplying the service over the same Openreach line.


What speed are you actually getting?

Are you actually having an issue with your service?


Remember that there can be various factors affecting WiFi signals so a speed test should ideally be carried out using a wired device and with no other devices connected to the router to get a true reading of what is being supplied.



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It can sometimes take a while for Service Centre to get updated with new estimated and contracted speeds, when did you upgrade and when did it go live ?


Irrespective of the MGALS, what was the result of the speed test ?