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I could do with some advice, please.

My current contract expires on 15/4/22 and I have just received an email offering an upgrade to Fibre 65 at £23.50 for 18 months. 

At the moment I receive the Unlimited UK Call Boost free, until 13/11/22.

If I upgrade, will my UK Call Boost continue to be free?

If so, can I upgrade using the email link provided, or will I have to call?

I see from a few posts recently that the email link does not seem to be working properly, is this still the case?

Also, when is the best time to upgrade without causing a billing problem, if my bill is generated on the 15th of each month?

Sorry for all the questions, but I need things to run smoothly this time, as I have had so many issues before when taking on a new TT contract!

Thanks in advance.



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You'll usually get a better deal by phoning/Chat rather than clicking through My Account  / emails, @Fedup1232.😊

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thank you @Gliwmaeden2 . 

I was just hoping to avoid having to ring, knowing how long it will take, and that often there are problems afterwards.

Good advice to take note of time, days, name etc. I do normally try and do that too.

I shall attempt now, and hope it doesn't take all day!

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There shouldn't be a problem upgrading just one month before the end of the tariff, @Fedup1232, but check all your questions with an agent on the phone.


Take their name down and note the time and date for reference. 


They should be able to confirm the status of the Anytime calls. 


You could see if it can be reinstated free /discounted to tally with the same dates as your contract in future, which helps keep things simpler overall.


Ring 03451 720088, after 9am (open till 7pm Monday to Friday, closes 6pm Saturday).

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.