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Upgrade pre pay offer

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As you were so helpful with our line issues (which was eventually fixed after 2 months of going around in circles) I am hoping you can help again 🙂


We have a legacy package and looking to upgrade.  I noticed online that my upgrade for Fibre 65 it would be £49 a month or £300 up front via the pre pay offer.  But these offers include TV £4 and Entertainment £14 which I dont want.  If I rang up (or rather get someone else to ring as deaf and chat agent wont do this) can they give me quote WITHOUT the tv and entertainment boosts which I assume would reduce both the monthly cost of £49 and upfront prepay cost of £300?  Hopefully that makes sense?


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Hi Alan45 


The prepay option is for the core products Broadband/line rental/phone, it does not take into account any additional boosts etc.


The loyalty team can help you with this on 03451720046


Hope that helps.


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@Alan45 I didn't misunderstand your question, perhaps you misunderstood my answer? Renewal deals and any queries around them can only be handled by the customer loyalty team, not here on the forums. 


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@Alan45 , not sure what your question is.


If you are asking if it is possible to get Fibre65 without tv or any other boosts then yes, of course it is. Just tell them that's what you want when you call and they will offer you a deal. I don't know what they could offer you for an upfront one-off payment pre-pay deal, but I'm paying £22 per month for Fibre65 just to give you an idea.


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I think you misunderstood my post.  I was not asking anyone to make a call for me.  All I am asking in confirming of my way of thinking is correct or not before I make the call via a third party.


All I was querying was if we contact the phone team will they give us a quote WITHOUT the tv and entertainment boost and would I be correct in thinking that the £300 prepay offer that includes those two boosts in the breakdown would change as a result of the amendment?  Ie a lower cost?  A similiar circumstance would be if I bought a Sky package and the quote of say £65 was based on including sky cinema and sky sports, a new quote not including those two would inveitably mean the amount would be lower say £40.  Does that apply to the prepay offers that talktalk does as well?  Or is it irrelevant how many "extras or boosts" you have the £300 will remain the same?


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You do need to contact the customer loyalty team directly by phone for renewals I am afraid, the forum team team cannot do this for you.