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Upgraded to fibre on renewal (now cheaper than faster BB). I'm still using a HG633 router...

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Hi there,


My issue is twofold...


Stupidly made the mistake of renewing my contract via Live Chat (subsequently been informed never do that, always should phone to receive a better deal and customer service).


I've had Faster Broadband and phone with TalkTalk since around 2013 (loyal customer). The pricing structure as it is now, fibre is cheaper than faster broadband (which had always sufficed, a one person household).


Anyway, I was pressured (bordering on mis-sold) into taking the Fixed Price Plus option of Fibre 35 for £23.95. When I really wanted the £22 Fibre 35 deal.


I swiftly phoned the Loyalty Team to change to the £22 Fibre 35 deal, but told I had to wait until my fibre service starts, before they can alter my account/deal. Also to send out a Wi-Fi Hub, as I was not offered one when I renewed, when I should have (still using a Super Router HG633).


Well, the good news is my fibre has been connected today and currently getting around 28 mbps down and 6 mbps up (realising there's a 14 day bedding in period, it could get better). 🙂 On Faster Broadband I only got 8 mbps down and 0.7 up.


Therefore, the old faithful HG633 is fibre compatible (was informed it may not be, by Martin from Loyalty), but would still like a hub sent out if possible, as I've been informed it should increase speed and stability.


I called Loyalty again, today. Have now been told they cannot transfer me to the £22 Fibre 35 deal, nor are they sending out a new hub for free. Even though Martin (the guy I spoke to on the phone after the awful Live Chat, last week) having put notes on saying that is what should happen. 


Can one of the OCEs assist, please?


As a long standing and loyal customer, I'd expect far better treatment than I'm currently receiving.


My phone details etc. are on my account.



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@AllyM, I'm not quite sure why you are publishing your own figures on @Catwoman1's thread - you are not comparing like with like.


It's lovely to see that @Catwoman1 is happy with the service (and the safe arrival of the router 😊).


If you are not happy with your own service, I am sure staff can look into it for you, but you know that this should be done on your own thread. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Catwoman1 , Fibre35 is artificially capped at sync speeds of 40/10Mbps down/up, but Fibre65 (which I'm on) and similar packages with other ISPs can provide speeds up to 80/20Mbps down/up on VDSL2 technology. The speeds I am getting therefore are very slow for FTTC.


On ADSL I was getting actual download speeds of around 15Mbps which I was happy with as it seemed quite fast for ADSL, and was plenty for my needs.


All my PCs are "wired", I have no use for WiFi.



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I'm on the entry level Fibre 35 package... Was guaranteed 32.4 mbps minimum, and receiving a bit more than that.




The most anyone can expect is 38/40mbps max down and 9mbps up on Fibre 35?!


Wi-Fi is strong, most of my devices are receiving over 30-31 mbps. Upstream is consistently over 6mbps. Ergo, where's the problem here?


My ADSL line was only achieving 8mbps down (Wi-Fi slightly less at 7mbps) and 0.6 - 0.8 up.


So yeah, I'm happy. 

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Not sure why you are happy with those speeds.


Here's what I get as standard using the TalkTalk router:


DG8041W VDSL 150721.jpg



Download speed slightly better than yours but upload curiously is slightly worse.


Using a third party router, I can get download sync speed of over 40Mbps by fiddling the target SNR margin down to 2dB, still giving rock solid connection with no appreciable increase in errors.


DSL Stats SNR2.jpg


Even so, that's still only half the theoretical maximum VDSL speed of 80Mbps, and a quarter the maximum upload speed. I am still seriously considering moving to a different provider to get back to an ADSL connection where I was getting download sync speeds of about 17.5Mbps.


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It has been an absolute pleasure.  😊

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Indeed. 😁 Happy days.


*Again*, many, many, many, MANY thanks, for all your assistance and input @ferguson. Love this forum!

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So more reasons to just sit back and enjoy.  🙂

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Yeah, all's good @martswain.


Now getting *proper* 4k/UHD whilst watching Netflix and Amazon Prime on my LG 4K smart telly.


And, can successfully subscribe to the Full HD Boost on my Now TV subscription (trialed it previously, but the ADSL speed wasn't sufficient. Picture kept alternating between Full HD and 720p every 60 secs or so, very distracting).

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Apologies! Located the email which was sent after signing up, and down was guaranteed at 32.4 mbps. Doh! Mistakenly recalled it as being 34.4 mbps. Therefore, all is well. 😁 @ferguson 


Screenshot (675).png

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Agreed, those stats look fine.

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That looks fine given the maximum rate indicated, how does it compare to the estimated range and guaranteed minimum you were given? As you say though, there's no point stressing about a few meg here and there given  the improvement from ADSL performance, I felt much the same way when I switched.  🙂

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Still unfamiliar with the new interface, therefore not been diving deeply into it. 


The speeds I'm receiving now, more than suffice. I managed just fine with faster broadband, for nearly a decade. 😅 So, any improvement is simply gravy.


Are these the stats you're requesting, @ferguson? Being mindful of which router stats I post publicly, thus cropped.





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@Catwoman1 Can you post your DSL information from the router?


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Will do, @Arne-TalkTalk.


Edited my last post to display the screenshot as an image, rather than a PDF. Posted initial reply via phone, which doesn't play nice with this site.


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Thanks for the update, keep an eye on the speeds for the next few days.

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Much appreciate your reply, and offer of assistance, @Arne-TalkTalk.


I ended up installing the Hub (and decided to connect all my devices from scratch, rather than the way helpfully suggested by @ferguson and @martswain), on Tuesday night. Rather than wait until the weekend...


Happy to report, all went without a hitch. 😁


Most of my devices are automatically connecting to 5GHz, apart from my Ring Cameras and older laptop, which can only operate on 2GHz. Therefore, there's been no need to split my SSID, thus far. The Hub's band steering is clearly far superior to that of the HG633. Very happy! 😁


Speeds are still showing as a smidgen (ergo, no biggy) under what was guaranteed when I renewed/upgraded/confirmed by email, see attached.











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Hi Catwoman1 


Unfortunately there Isn't anything that I can do regarding the package price, but if you still need help with the router setup please feel free to post back. 



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Indeed, great minds, eh?! 😆


Oh don't say that, putting the fear back into me there, @martswain . 🙃

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Hi @Catwoman1 , @ferguson and I are minds that think alike !


If you do it whilst offline, it also means you can get used to the new router interface, you'll find the login password under the pull out WiFi password card.


Also, if it all goes Pete Tong, you can just press the reset button and start again.


Once it's done, just swap the routers and you should be away.

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Much appreciated @martswain. That's waaaay too clever!


Okay, will make sure to turn off Wi-Fi first in Hub router settings, use the Lan, then switch Wi-Fi back on, once SSIDs are altered. 


Wish me luck...


I hit a few snags (some devices wouldn't connect, at first) when installing my HG633, years ago. Hence, sticking with that router for so long. I'm very much of the "if it ain't broke" team.