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Upgraded to fibre on renewal (now cheaper than faster BB). I'm still using a HG633 router...

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Hi there,


My issue is twofold...


Stupidly made the mistake of renewing my contract via Live Chat (subsequently been informed never do that, always should phone to receive a better deal and customer service).


I've had Faster Broadband and phone with TalkTalk since around 2013 (loyal customer). The pricing structure as it is now, fibre is cheaper than faster broadband (which had always sufficed, a one person household).


Anyway, I was pressured (bordering on mis-sold) into taking the Fixed Price Plus option of Fibre 35 for £23.95. When I really wanted the £22 Fibre 35 deal.


I swiftly phoned the Loyalty Team to change to the £22 Fibre 35 deal, but told I had to wait until my fibre service starts, before they can alter my account/deal. Also to send out a Wi-Fi Hub, as I was not offered one when I renewed, when I should have (still using a Super Router HG633).


Well, the good news is my fibre has been connected today and currently getting around 28 mbps down and 6 mbps up (realising there's a 14 day bedding in period, it could get better). 🙂 On Faster Broadband I only got 8 mbps down and 0.7 up.


Therefore, the old faithful HG633 is fibre compatible (was informed it may not be, by Martin from Loyalty), but would still like a hub sent out if possible, as I've been informed it should increase speed and stability.


I called Loyalty again, today. Have now been told they cannot transfer me to the £22 Fibre 35 deal, nor are they sending out a new hub for free. Even though Martin (the guy I spoke to on the phone after the awful Live Chat, last week) having put notes on saying that is what should happen. 


Can one of the OCEs assist, please?


As a long standing and loyal customer, I'd expect far better treatment than I'm currently receiving.


My phone details etc. are on my account.



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Wow, now there's a pro-tip @ferguson.


I may just roll forward that install! 


Thanking @Karl-TalkTalk, too. 😁


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OK, here's a tip: when you connect the new Hub go straight to the wireless settings, change the SSIDs and password to the same ones you have on your current router and bingo, everything should just connect as previously!


I have to give a shout out to @Karl-TalkTalk as well, who I approached to get this sorted for you.  🙂

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@Catwoman1 , you can always set the new HUB to have exactly the same SSID and passwords as the HG633, just log in with a wired device, turn the WiFi off and make the changes., don't forget to "save".


Then when you are ready to use it online, plug it in, let it sync and using that same wired device, log in and turn on the WiFi.



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Glad to report, the eagle has landed. Just got back home, to be greeted with the sight of a lovely new Hub, laying on my doormat, @ferguson. And, not just any old Hub.... 😁


I don't know how you managed it, but again, a *huge big thank you*. You're not TalkTalk staff, are you?!


Will install the Hub closer to the weekend (not looking forward to the mammoth task of changing the Wi-Fi settings on all my Echos and Ring cameras. Which don't always play nicely).


On closer inspection of my HG633's performance/speeds, over the past few days: The 2GHz band is poor, patchy, and slow (never great, but far worse than I would expect on a fibre connection, achieving not much more than faster broadband speeds), whereas 5Ghz is mostly operating fine, but still a smidgen under the guaranteed down and up speeds. I own two laptops, a new one which can connect to 5GHz and an oldie which can only connect to 2.5GHz. Had to separate the two bands, within router settings, to at least get a fairly consistent, fast speed, on the newer laptop.


Therefore, definitely needed that new router! Hopefully the Hub can steer my 5Ghz devices to the faster band (sitting right next to router), where the HG633 is clearly failing to, without me having to separate the SSID.


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@TheHornedOne The flag showed correctly when selected from the emojis in the composition box, but went black after posting. Some emojis seem to work, some don't. I could have embedded an image like you have there, but couldn't be bothered tbh!


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@ferguson wrote:


TheHornedOne I don't know, why have you posted the flag of Guernsey?




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Will do...


Again, appreciate all your input, advice and for working your magic, resulting in a Wi-Fi Hub. 😁



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It is good advice to be fair, the DLM system cannot distinguish user disconnections from others. But swapping out a router will have no impact.


Once your new Hub arrives, if you have any further issues or concerns at all please feel free to start a new topic in the Fibre section and we will be happy to help. 

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Yes, my previous understanding was that fibre required no stabilisation period. However, when loyalty passed me through to the technical dept to discuss a new router (which was then declined, yet again), he advised not to restart my router for at least 14 days to allow the line to stabilise @ferguson.



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The Service Centre information can go awry at times, as long as you are happy with the device speed and speedtest results there is nothing to worry about. Hopefully it will "fix" itself over the coming days.


There is no stabilisation period as such for a VDSL connection, the service starts wide open at the fastest possible rate, then the automated DLM will make any necessary adjustments within the next 48-72 hours and then monitor on an ongoing basis. So swapping out the router for the new Hub when it arrives should not cause any problems. 

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Ah, good. Again, *many thanks* @ferguson.


Whilst I have your ear... (really taking liberties now 😂). Why are my Super Router stats still displaying the previous faster broadband speeds, in the Service Centre? Though device speeds are correctly reflecting the new fibre speeds (see attached photos).  RouterShowingOldSpeedProfile.jpg



I thought these stats were updated/refreshed at midnight, every night? Will installing the new router solve this? And, should I wait 14 days before using the new Wi-Fi Hub, so as not to interrupt the stabilisation period of my new connection?

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You're very welcome, I was confident that the support team would oblige when they picked this up next week, but I just thought I would try to hasten the process a wee bit.  😊


As your service is already live I imagine that date is when you can expect the Hub to arrive by. You may also receive an email with tracking details, or possibly by clicking on the > icon?

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Wow! Thank you, so very much, @ferguson😁 Very kind and thoughtful of you, to go out of your way, like that.


Definitely hoping your team wins today, for you. Karma!


And, the order is already showing in my pending orders on My Account (see attached photo).


One question: Why is there a "go live date" showing alongside the order? My Go Live date was 9/07, which went smoothly, and without a hitch. Does the "13/07" date correspond to when the hub is likely to be sent out/delivered?

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Hi again @Catwoman1 I took the liberty of having a quiet word on your behalf and I am delighted to tell you that a new Hub is on its way to you.  🙂

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My thoughts exactly! @ferguson 


The £23.95 *Fixed Price Plus* deal is appearing to be not such a bad deal after all, considering the non-fixed price is now £23.


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Sometimes one just has to be pragmatic. At the end of the day it's still not a bad deal. 

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I realised that @ferguson. I used to sell broadband/telecoms. 😉


My reply to Bazz was re notifying TalkTalk of my wishing to cancel, if I *really* wanted to get my way/a good deal. But, that's too much hassle and not really a tactic I deploy lightly.


Anyway, appears TalkTalk Loyalty staff are blatantly ignoring there's 14 day cool off period allowed via UK regulation re online/distance selling. They keep parroting the "cannot alter package/deal within the first 30 days" mantra, hence misinterpreting my request and situation.


The £22 Fibre deal which appeared on My Account in the Upgrade deals section is no longer available, and now priced £23. Therefore, I've decided to stick with the £23.95 Fixed Price Plus deal. Ho-hum.


Will still push for a new router, when I can be bothered. Having maxed out my patience and decided to draw a line at 10 calls to Loyalty to be no further forward, that can wait.

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@Catwoman1 Bear in mind that the circumstances @Bazzatay was in are different from yours, that arose from a price increase where they were free to leave.


@TheHornedOne I don't know, why have you posted the flag of Guernsey?



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@ferguson wrote:

My pleasure and the same to you. It’s coming home…. 🏴


EDIT: Wouldn't let me attach an England flag.  󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😢


Really, why not 🇬🇬?






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@Catwoman1 wrote:

Wow, you got a very good deal, there. Confirms I should not take this situation, lying down. Well done, you. 

Go armed with what offers Uswitch are offering on that day and they will match them, hope it comes good for you.