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Urgent assistance needed

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I am writing to you as there is an issue with the talk talk line at my mums property.
Her details are as follows:
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We spoke to someone there yesterday and the line was tested but no fault was found, but there is definitely a fault somewhere. I have been trying to contact your service centre but keep getting hung up on. I understand that you have reduced staff at the moment, but my Mum has Lewey Bodies dementia and has her lifeline alarm system synched up to the phone line, which is currently not working. She is very vulnerable and stressed at the fact that this means her safeguarding system is not currently working as it should. If something god forbid went wrong, there would be no way of us (her family and power of attorneys) being informed. If she went walkabouts in the middle of the night, the sensors that let us know would not be of any use as we or the mental health team that look after her would not be informed. I’m sure you can understand how much of a concern this is for us. 
I really, really need someone there to call me as soon as possible and arrange for some help for her as this is incredibly critical.
As I said, with her suffering with dementia, I have power of attorney to deal with her afffairs, so please call me as soon as you can sio we know what the next steps are.
Thanks in advance,



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This is a CHAT board.


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