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Utter confusion on trying to renew account with tariff.

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I received a notification from Talk Talk stating my free unlimited calls boost was about to expire so on the 6/8/21 £38 would be collected from me and therefore I tried to renew my account only to find it would cost £40 and not the £26 I thought I’d selected with free telephone.

That was unacceptable and I used ‘chat’ to negotiate for unlimited calls, super safe boosts and the fibre broadband for £29.95. When I received, by email, the ‘Welcome Pack’ the boosts had been deleted. I again used ‘chat’ to resolve the confusion and I was led to believe it would be done. However my account was still indicating my old tariff. Therefore ‘chat’ was used earlier and I was informed there had been duplication and essentially I would be on the £40 tariff and there would be a charge for renewing early!
I find all this very unsatisfactory and I hope if I use 03451 720046 I will be able to talk to someone who will have the expertise and knowledge to assist me in this matter. If anyone from Talk Talk reads this would it be possible for you to give me guidance on what I should do.


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Hi @ARMoore,


I'm sorry to hear there's been confusion when renewing your plan. We'll look into this, have sent you a PM requesting for some details.





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The most recent guidance we've had, @ARMoore, is that Chat should not be organising new deals at all, so they should simply have advised you to phone up to fix up your new deal anyway. 


However, your boost discount ending may not have coincided with the end of your Broadband and line rental minimum term, and if you were still more than 90 days from the end of that, fixing up a new contract at this stage would trigger the admin fee.


There seem to have been a lot of problems getting the free Anytime Calls boost applied inclusively where that appears to have been advertised. 


Quite a complicated batch of offers out there at the moment. 


I'll move this to the billing section for their attention, so please look out for a response from staff there after the weekend. 


The phone lines are not open on Sunday, so do try to reach help on Saturday 9am till 6pm.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi @ARMoore I doubt anyone from tt will be able to help you until Monday, Your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear soon but please remember that the staff here work office hours.

I agree with you that the loyalty team on 03451720046 will be able to help 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.