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VAT invoices

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According to this page, it is possible to receive VAT invoices if you sign up for billing and then call TalkTalk and request that this paper bill provide a VAT breakdown...


I've received my first paper bill without a VAT breakdown.  I'm actually on hold right now, talking to someone at TalkTalk about the absence of a VAT breakdown.  At first, he didn't know what VAT was - then he asked if I wanted to return to paperless billing.  After giving him a brief summary of what VAT was and what I was expecting to see on the paper billing, he said he'd talk to his manager.  I did also point him to the link above, which he said he was unable to find.


Still on hold...


Interestingly, every time I've called TalkTalk, they put you on hold and consult with someone else 😀


The calls always seem to take time....even for the simplest of requests.


Still on hold... 😣


Had TalkTalk broadband for a over a month now - generally, happy with the connection - seems to drop very briefly around midnight.


Still on hold...


Ugh... 🙄


40 minute call...ended with escalation to the manager - apparently the only person who can authorize VAT invoices - should take 2-3 days to be completed.  They said they'd call back tomorrow with an update.  Let's see.  Just like to add that he customer service assistance was completely courteous and helpful - nothing against him.


Hope this post helps someone 😁


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Hi @Riz-Man


Sorry for the confusion caused by this.  


I have requested VAT invoicing to be enabled from the next bill.