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Value Line Rental

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I've had Value Line Rental for many years but am having real trouble renewing it. Is there any reason for this?


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Thank you Ferguson

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@KimEaton Value Line Rental was scrapped by TalkTalk some years ago, although existing customers on legacy contracts were able to continue. Whether even that option has finally stopped now I don't know, but the support team will, so wait for them to respond.


it will help if you make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk landline number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with your account and check your own particular circumstances. 


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Thank you for that info. I knew you couldn't get that deal if you were opening a new account but didn't realise it applies to all accounts


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@KimEatonThe cost of line rental is now included in the cost of the broadband package rather than being a separate charge.  Thus the value line rental option is no longer available.  Companies have not been permitted to advertise broadband and line rental costs separately since 2016.  The following has been taken from the Ofcom website:


Since 2016, broadband companies can no longer advertise broadband and line-rental costs separately. Instead, they have to show the full, inclusive cost of taking out a broadband contract. This reflects the fact that line rental is part of the cost of providing broadband. However, some companies still separate this out in their bills.


Hope this helps.