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What has gone wrong at Talktalk

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Been with Talktalk for so long now but now had enough.  Offered me contract renewal at £29 which I accepted.  Next bill was nearly £44, made contact and was assured contract was extended and was still being processed.  This month still £44, got told the same until I challenged it.  Told I'd not renewed.

My offers then gave me a £35 renewal with unlimited calls, echo dot and smartplug.  Clicked on it to find calls were and extra £7.  Now just got asked if I needed to speak to an agent "No" or "No"

It's just a joke, so I'm off elsewhere.



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Switchover taking place Monday.  Going to FTTP at 400Mbps for £22.50 a month, it's only an introductory offer and it'll cost me £40 in the future, still cheaper than what I'm paying now.

I had decided your speed was adequate and at under £30 was fine.  But finally after the "No" and "No" option and agents telling me what I wanted to hear and not checking my account, I figured that after well over 10 years, enough was enough.

Shame, as I've had very few issues over the years, a previous Huawei router was a pain, as it was for all your customers, with repeated promises of a firmware fix., so after about 2 years of constant reboots I bought my own.  Then moved to Gfast and had 2 routers delivered with faults before the 3rd was rock steady (returned the 2 faulty ones with notes identifying each issue but I suspect they were probably sent out again without being fixed.)

Maybe one day I'll return, but something is very wrong with your company at the moment.  I wonder how many people get offered Fibre150 with calls and then find they get billed on top, because they don't read the full offer after clicking through.

If anyone does encounter this I'm happy to post the pictures showing the false promises to assist them.


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Hi @liamf12


Sorry that you have had problems that have led you to leave. 

I can see the problem on the account which has led to the high bill, id be happy to try and assist

Have you contacted another provider yet? 


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I'll move this to billing, @liamf12.


Follow up on this thread if you need further help after this.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.