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What is Fixed Price Plus

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Just received email from Talktalk about a price change to my Fixed Price Contract.


Two questions:


1. Anyone know if it is legal to change a legal contract during its term? My "Fixed Price Contract" expires in September 2022. When is fixed price, not fixed price? The letter I received from T/t when  the LEGAL contract commenced, dated 25/2/21 states "We'll guarantee your broadband package price stays the same for your 18 month contract"


2. The Email from Talktalk today states:

Fixed Price Plus

Pay a little more each month throughout your minimum contract term and we guarantee to completely fix your broadband price. Head to My Account to find out more.


There is no mention in My Account area!! Can anyone explain what exactly The Fixed Price Plus is, and most importantly is the price fixed and therefore unalterable until the contract ends?


Feels like T'talk does not understand the term "Fixed"


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@silverbird63 This is an old and dormant thread and will not be picked up by the support team, it would be best to start your own topic. 


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Ok we have just renewed for 24months. We asked agents advice and he said best to get fixed price plus. Just what does it mean plus. Can we have a through explanation and can you remove it if you want to?

Not an expert at much just like to learn about as many things as I can

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Should be called `Fictional Fixed Price Plus`

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Many of us on other contracts went through this a few months ago.


Yes it is legal and your terms and conditions allow this ( they can be found at the bottom of this page) and in accordance with Ofcom rules they should allow you to leave if you follow the process detailed in your mail, without penalty fees. You may also be able to renegotiate your contract on favourable terms by phoning the  Loyalty Team on 0345 172 0046. At least we could last time and i was pleased with my new contract. Ive not seen the full email this time, but its worth a call saying your unhappy.

Opening Hours can be found here -


As for fixed price plus, i decided against paying more per month and accepted i would have a price increase next April. It's your choice on if you feel you may save money over the contract period.

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