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What is going on with my Billing?

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I upgraded my account for another 18 months and i was billed slightly higher that i thought it would be £29.53 But i was getting the Amazon Tech package so thought it might be because of that. The following month i was was billed £29.00. Hmm OK. And then today i received my latest billing to be paid and it said £25.68? Strange? What's going on!

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OK thank you very much for replay back about my billing

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Hi @dragon988-talk


Your recent bill has had credits applied on the the previous 2 bills your discount wasn't applied correctly that has been rectified this month


Going forward the price each month will be what you agreed. 


Sorry for any confusion 



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Yes have looked at the last 2 months previous.


March 2021 - £29.53 - Was when renewed my contract for another 18 months.Charge an extra

53p for the previous months charges? No additional charges for anything else.


April 2021 - £29.00 - No additional charges for anything else.


May 2021 - £25.68 - Yet to be paid - no additional or no reason why i have been charge differently - No additional charges for anything else stated.


First 2 months are because of the new charges for the renewal contract. But a bit puzzled why i it dropped down to £25.68. Just would like to know what i will be billed for every month and not have to worry if i will be paying more or less again.

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@dragon988-talk, have you actually read your bills and expanded all the details to see exactly what you have been charged for?


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My package is the Fibre 35

Fibre 35
18 months
Current monthly package cost (excl. boosts and extras):

Your flexible Broadband boosts
You currently don't have any boosts added.
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You've not said what your package is supposed to include, @dragon988-talk.


If you haven't got the Anytime Calls boost, the variations could be phone calls. 


Check all details in the billing section of My Account. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.